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Track? !D. Blogspot_ was created to introduce the Underground Music which is presented in

all the well-known Venues and Festivals around the World. Composed by a mosaic of sounds from Deep House to solid Tech House, Techno and to atmospheric-melodic Tech house between the limits of minimal & electronica.

Exploring this music oasis you will travel beyond anything that was considered to be ordinary till now.

Quality Underground Music & More_

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» »Unlabelled » Advertise with Us, Promote your Music Event of Product.

Promoting Electronic Underground Music, Festivals & Events all around the World!

As one of the uprising Electronic Underground Music networks / Platforms, we offer services to Artists,  Promoters & Event Planners all over the world, supporting their Music or Events to more extensive audience. With our deep experience & understanding of the Music networks and Social Media we can expose your work to even more people of the Electronic Music Culture.


What services do we offer ?


  1. Festivals and events promotion – With a well planned strategy, we’ll support your marketing plan, increase engagement, sales and exposure.
  2. Labels and music promotion – Support your new EPs, releases, albums, podcasts and any other form of music promotion.
  3. Artists / Djs / Producers promotion –  Supporting by creating well planned promotional strategies and being seen by thousands of followers.
  4. Products / Services  – Promote Dj equipment, gadjets, gear, clothes, accessories, art and more.


What tools do we have ?


  1. Soundcloud Channel – Our Soundcloud channel has thousands of followers that you can get exposed and get a lot of plays in few hours.
  2. Social networks – Having one of the most engaging Pages at Social media, we can easily make any content go viral and reach thousands of people.
  3. Website Services - Articles, Banners, Banners in other articles as an advertisment & more.

Check Below a more Thorough Analysis.

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Music Platform/Magazine

Electronic Music Culture Company

 Underground Electronic Music
Feel PRivileged
Site & Social Media Platforms

 Track? ID. Promotional Strategies include the following Services: 

Soundcloud Premiere (After review to check if it fits with our style of music).
Facebook live
Share or Upload at Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Facebook and Instagram stories
Video uploading at Social Media

Contact Us: trackid79@yahoo.gr

Track? ID. Advertisement Campaigns

 Premium – Feel PRivileged Advertisement Campaign package
Professional  Advertisement Campaign Package
Standard Advertisement Campaign Package
Make your own Advertisement Campaign Package

Include some of the services that are featured above and make your own Advertisement campaign. Choose from the above lists one by one, contact us and get informed about services.

Feel Free to Express your opinion and ask for services changes or edits to the Advertisement campaign packages.

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