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About 2,500 fans went to the at the open air scene at Tuesday 11th of August 2020. The organizers said that it was the UK's first Distanced Music Concert show. Event took place at Virgin Money Unity Arena in Newcastle. You can watch footage, videos and photos from the event below.

A scene like the Unity Arena's size might hold 20,000 individuals, however at this kind of shows will be topped at 2,500 people.

Sam Fender ans English act performed for a 2,500 fans having their own their own socially distanced pods. People had their own review stages every one of the two meters separated with seats, a table,  drinks and food.

Vehicles are left two meters separated before supporters are guided to their own platformed private survey zones, while in order to avoid lines, people ordered drinks an food before going via an app. Party was organized by SSD Concerts who had started making arrangements for these kind of shows in April.

At Saturday August 8 an open air rave party which has no permission to take place attracted almost 10,000 people to a far off mountain area in the Cévennes national park while there was no rules about social distancing and safety measures. In addition many small children participate acoording to local authorities.You can watch the videos below. (Cover Photo:Instagram: pollypotek /alexandregomez15:)

Local authorities said to have been overpowered by the numbers pulled in to the region, and at first security forces secured the occasion creating a lock down, blocking anybody from entering or leaving because of the danger of spreading Covid-19.

They at first closed off the zone at the end of the week to forestall new people to join the event. Police also made alcohol tests of those leaving and fine some people guaranteeing there were no traffic jam on streets.

After all this people were as a rule step by step permitted to leave and by Monday evening around 4,500 individuals were as yet present at the site. 

 Somewhere in the range of 10,000 individuals in many vehicles arrived to the site around 12 PM on Saturday for the party that mocked a prohibition on social affairs of in excess of 5,000 individuals forced due to the coronavirus.

Lozère is France's least crowded locale and has been saved the most exceedingly terrible of the coronavirus pandemic up until this point, which has prompted in excess of 30,000 passings the nation over.

Farmers were likewise irate that the ravers harmed the fields.

Source: www.thelocal.fr

Charlotte de Witte is a Belgian DJ and record producer. Best known for her "dark and stripped-back" brand of techno music, she has previously performed under the alias Raving George. She is the founder of the label KNTXT.Listen to her set at Tomorrowland Around The World 2020and check out the track list below.

 She was born in Ghent, Belgium on 21st July 1992. Around 2009, she started to explore Ghent's underground nightclub scene, where she was drawn to electronic music. She started DJing in 2010, mainly playing electro house and EDM tracksher production work commenced about two years later. Winning a Studio Brussel DJ contest in 2011, she subsequently performed at the Tomorrowland festival. 

In 2015, de Witte dropped her alias and started using her real name.This also marked her shift to a darker and more straightforward techno sound. de Witte has performed at various notable electronic music events, including Junction2 festival, Boiler Room and Printworks.

In 2019, she launched her own label, KNTXT.


01 Subjected - The Lullaby Of Marian [SUBJECTED SYSTEMS]
02 2:50    KUSP - Bodied [WE ARE THE BRAVE]
03 8:20 Charlotte de Witte - Sgadi Li Mi [KNTXT]
04 14:00 Luca La Rocca - Lost In A Circuit [PLANET RHYTHM]
05 16:40 Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (ID Remix) [DIKI]
06 21:40
07 25:00 Shkedul - Id37 [AFFEKT]
08 31:30 Jerome Isma-Ae ft. Colette Van Sertima - Hold That Sucker Down (Charlotte de Witte Trance Remix) [ARMADA]
09 36:20 Alignment - Injection [KNTXT]
10 41:00
11 46:30
12 48:50 Slam - Primitive Shift [SOMA]
13 54:00 DJ Visage - Formula (Hockenheim Club Mix)

Amelie Lens  is a Belgian electronic music DJ, record producer, and owner of the Lenske record label. Her debut release came on Italian imprint Lyase, and soon after a trio of releases on Pan-Pot’s Second State. You can check out the track list and listen to her set at at Tomorrowland digital festival 2020 on Apple music.

As a resident at Hasselt’s Labyrinth Club, Lens started curating her own nights under the name EXHALE. Lens has expanded the EXHALE parties further afield, with regular showcases at the London’s fabric club and at Creamfields, OFFSonar, Dour and Extrema festivals.

Lens gave up her work in the fashion industry in 2014, and began to DJ under the name Renée, playing mostly bass-heavy minimal techno, earning a residency at the Labyrinth Club in Hasselt, Belgium, where she built enough of a reputation to tour across Europe.

More recently her high energy sets are known for their mixture of classic acid and tribal house influences along with more contemporary European techno sounds.

Track list:

01 Amelie Lens - Higher (FJAAK Remix)
02 7:00 Frazi.er - Turn & Burn
03 10:30
04 16:22 NITE NRG - Fractions [MONNOM BLACK]
05 23:10 Amelie Lens - L'Obscurite
06 27:03 Giovanni Carozza - Overflow [SUARA]
07 31:40 The Advent & A.Paul - Confined [PLANET RHYTHM]
08 37:27 Juliana Yamasaki - Burning Fire [ODD REC.]
09 41:33 Milo Spykers - Accelerator [LENSKE]
10 45:10
11 53:00
12 56:30 Kontain - Spitting Blood [CLERGY]
13 59:30

Tale of Us performed an amazing Dj set at Tomorrowland's digital festival 2020. The duo uploaded some of the best moments which you can watch below along with some informations about them.

Tale Of USis an Italian music production and DJ duo consisting of Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri. They are based in Berlin, Germany

This tale dawns in Milan, where Karm and Matteo met at a very young age. The Lombardic capital will turn out to be the preface of their success story as they now reside in Berlin, their inspirational verge.

They made their 2011 debut on the Detroit-based label Visionquest. After that came Richie Hawtin’s M_nus imprint and the legendary Belgian label R&S.

They founded Afterlife: An odyssey through the realm of consciousness.

Launched mid-June of 2016 at Barcelona’s outdoor Plaza Mayor de el Poble Espanyol, this date proved to be a perfect foreword to their 13-week Thursday residency at Space Ibiza. Through meticulous musical curation and a more experimental, concert-like approach, Afterlife sonically revived Ibiza.

 Afterlife: an odyssey through the realm of consciousness. These seven words perfectly exemplify what this new and promising project is about. Afterlife aims to take people on a journey, whether it comes to their events or releases. These two complement each other, with one aim; to bring the crowd into another dimension of perception with enthralling production that ignites the senses.

An electronic music event concept characterized by mesmerizing soundscapes and lush rhythms designed for the senses.

A rebellion from convention into a dimension where music guides the resurgence. From hypnotic bass lines to energetic crescendos, the nuance of an immersive experience is there for the exploring.

A post shared by Tale Of Us (@taleofus) on

Track: Reality Melawati - Daliah (Tale Of Us Remix)

Most of Berlin's indoors clubs are still shut, however the Legendary techno institution, Berghain has figured out to open its entryways and attract guests with a surprising sound presentation. This sound installation project took place at Berghain’s Halle Am Berghain room. You can watch the videos below.

The event was presented by sound artist duo tamtam, Sam Auinger and Hannes Strobl and was called known as "Eleven tunes - Hall at Berghain" and run until 2 of August. This sound establishment  changes the corridor into an uncommon sonic space.

The Duo utilizes acoustic intends to actuate the monumental engineering of this noteworthy spatial plan. The way in which the sound is affected by the overwhelming design: "The whole space is an instrument".

Also no more than 50 people was allowed at the same time and and everyone followed the social distancing rules.

However there was no techno music in the place. Guests listened to practically strange soundscape  of rhythmic throbbing, murmurings, city sounds,sounds of a helicopter and more.

At the moments a number of the limitations have been lifted lately with shops, eateries and exhibition halls permitted to open again but indoor dance club's are still stay shut .

Source: news24.com

Boris Johnson, UK's prime minister  has announced that the opening of  indoor performances and music events has been postponed. These new government guidelines was another hit to indoor music events and theatre enterprises. (Cover photo: Printworks / Fabric London)

In July it was accounted for that indoor events would have the option to come back from August 1.However this will no longer occur because corona virus situation over the UK.

Johnson said: 'With those numbers crawling up,  we should push that brake pedal… so as to monitor the infection. 'On Saturday August 1, we believed to revive some of the high risk places  that had stayed shut and today I'm stating we're delaying those progressions until August 15 at the earliest.

This implies wedding gatherings with up to 30 individuals won't happen and gambling clubs, bowling alleys, events in sports venues, conference centers  and ice skating arenas will remain shut. So indoor events will not start.

Source: metro

gatherings in sports venues and conference centres

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2020/07/31/another-blow-gigs-theatres-indoor-performances-will-no-longer-resume-tomorrow-13065194/?ito=cbshare
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/

King Carl Cox delivered another set playing Techno music 2000 classics using three vinyl decks.You can check out the track list, read some useful information about his Legendary career and watch the set below.

It was at the age of 15 that Carl bought a set of turntables and began working as a mobile DJ. Disco was the first music that captivated him but by the early 80s Cox had moved on to playing the same music as other young London DJs – rare groove, New York hip-hop and electro.

He was perfectly placed to hear Chicago house music in its earliest forms, and when the epic 'Acid Trax' by Phuture (a.k.a. DJ Pierre) came out in early '87.

“It was then that I thought, 'This is it,’ says Carl. “I would do my parties, and I'd play old rare groove and hip hop and soul and I would say 'Right you've got to hear this Phuture track’ and people would just stop and listen.”

Carl’s classic releases include his 1995 mix CD, 'F.A.C.T,' which became a techno benchmark, selling over 250,000 copies, and the 1996 EP 'Two Paintings and a Drum,' which again broke the British top 30.

Carl formed his own label, Intec Records, in 1999, scoring a series of underground hits and enjoying eight years at the forefront of electronic music

Carl’s legendary Ibiza residency also continues to break boundaries. Celebrating an astounding 14 consecutive years at Space in 2015, Carl and Safehouse Management have built their weekly residency into one of the Island’s most popular nights, acclaimed for its adventurous and forward-thinking line-ups, musical direction and state of the art production.

Summer 2014 was also a record season for Carl in Ibiza – on top of his residency, he also played the Space closing Fiesta, along with dates at Amnesia, Sands and DC10.

 Track list:

01 Force Mass Motion - Waterfront [RABBIT CITY RECORDS]
02 11:00 Bryan Zentz - Metric [INTEC]
03 14:00
04 17:00 Valentino Kanzyani - House Soul (DJ Q Remix) [INTEC]
05 20:00 Oxia - Check The M... [INTEC]
06 24:00 Ortin Cam - Dark Groovez One [SOUL ACCESS]
07 27:00 Dave Clarke - Just Ride [SKINT]
08 31:00 Ben Sims - Moments (Booty Mix)
09 33:00 John Thomas - Undisputed Life (Technasia Remix 3) [SINO]
10 37:00 Joey Beltram - Floaters [TRESOR]
11 40:00 Joey Beltram - Ten Four [TRESOR]
12 42:00 Jim Masters & Phil Barry pres.String Theory - Swarm (UMEK Hornet Remix) [INTEC]
13 47:00
14 50:00
15 53:00 Tomaz vs. Filterheadz - Lazy People [INTEC] 58:00     Oxia - Check The M[INTEC]
16 1:01:00

The first edition  of Tomorrowland Around the World, the advanced celebration, occurred throughout the weekend 26 of July. The new mystical universe of this terrific two-day computerized concert experience was not situated in Boom this time, however on the heavenly island of Pāpiliōnem. You can watch some moments below.

The whole world joined again as one – following the COVID-19 measures, with no fringes or limits – and more than 60 of the world's most unmistakable craftsmen in electronic  music played out their freshest tracks on one of the 8 stages.

More than 1 million People of Tomorrow overall checked out the absolute first release of Tomorrowland Around the World, the digital festival.Tomorrowland has manufactured 4 distinctive huge green screen studios in Belgium (Boom), USA (Los Angeles), Brazil (Sao Paolo) and Australia (Sydney).

In excess of 60 specialists recorded their performances in those studios, including Katy Perry, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Tiësto, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Eric Prydz, Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens, Paul Kalkbrenner and some more.

The very same full-sized DJ stall was worked in those 4 video studios. The sets were 6m or higher, in any event 8m wide, and at any rate 8m top to bottom.

On head of the 6 4K Ultra HD cameras, various virtual cameras were made per stage, permitting the executive to pick up to 38 cameras during the chronicles.

The computerized 3D project of Tomorrowland Around the World has m more polygons and lights contrasted with a cutting edge PC game. There are in excess of 750 virtual lights for every stage.

Each open air stage on the island had a 16 square kilometer surface for which 32,000 trees and plants were made.

Moreover, enhancements, dynamite firecrackers, great laser shows and practical group and audio effects were added to the DJ exhibitions. all Tomorrowland representatives partook in the sound recordings

Source: tomorrowlandaroundtheworld



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