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To celebrate 20 since inception, Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings is serving up a special 15 track collection 


that brings together new and exclusive tracks from artists that have been a huge part of the journey. Presented as a deluxe 6 x 12" box set with a silver foil cover and paper insert with individual sleeves and luminescent paint, this is a suitably spectacular collection that pays homage to one of techno's finest operations.




Sven Väth is quite simply unique. A legend in his own lifetime with a commitment and passion that has influenced the advance and evolution of electronic music. Clubs, record labels and careers have been launched.


An extraordinary residency in one of the best clubs in the world was unleashed in 1999. Cocoon Ibiza, Amnesia on a Monday night. Now 20 years of parties that have set new standards in production and have never compromised on what matters. The music. An incredible risk became, and still is, one of the great successes in modern music and clubbing.


 A phenomenon now attracting upwards of 80,000 visitors in a 4 month season with Sven Väth front and centre throughout. Along with Cocoon Ibiza Sven created an event agency (Cocoon Events Worldwide – spreading the vision across 5 continents and now over 30 countries) and a record label (Cocoon Recordings - with a back catalogue stuffed with quality) that gets ever more important and keeps on growing. 


 In October 2014 there was a happening that expressed this togetherness and mutual respect. It was a 50th birthday party in stunning surroundings where 12,000 people joined together in Mannheim to celebrate a monumental life and career. An unforgettable night of dancing and community.


 written by Andrew Gillings



Track list.


A1 Rampa - 2000
A2 Emanuel Satie - Departure
B1 Solomun - We'll never have today again
C1 Gregor Tresher - Nostalgia (Is The Enemy)
D1 Joseph Ashworth - Eavesdrop
D2 Pig&Dan - Trauma
E1 Josh Wink - Nuclei
F1 Ricardo Tobar - El Eterna
G1 Tiga & Roman Flügel - Look To The Sky
G2 Planetary Assault Systems - Raww
H1 Jacek Sienkiewicz - Digitavi
I1 André Galluzzi & Daniel Stefanik - The Regulator
J1 Extrawelt - Murder Ballet
K1 Petar Dundov - Overtone
L1 Sebastian Mullaert - Kikaqu


Listen to the tracks below.








The Onassis Foundation invited on of world's top, DJ Charlotte de Witte to perhaps the most striking archeological destinations in Greece. 


You can enjoy the wicked atmosphere created by the combination of  stones earth, marble, the Greek light, and techno music below.



Charlotte de Witte wrote: Techno vibes where you least expect it. Onassis Stegi presents Charlotte de Witte in an unexpected DJ set, straight from one of the most iconic archeological sites in Greece. Ancient Messene. Based on a concept by ADD Festival.


Charlotte de Witte, the DJ phenomenon fears no challenge, sleeps still less, and raises new heights to conquer. With her boundless energy, uncompromising and driving techno music, loyal fanbase, and 1.5 million-plus followers on Instagram, she continues to thrill clubbers across the globe not only at the world’s biggest festivals and events, but also at underground venues and parties.

In where the ancient stays ever crucial and new, prepared to arouse the faculties and trigger clever thoughts regarding how we live or how we might want to live – a spot set in among the ancient marketplace, the city dividers, the Temple of Asklepios, and the Arsinoe Fountain the sound of today emits to totally rethink how we tune in, yet additionally how we see. 

Despite the fact that live occasions with crowds have been suspended, Charlotte de Witte remains consistent with the beat of her own drum, making another online excursion for her fans: making a trip to Greece to give herself over to the next common energy of a notable age-old spot to immerse it herself thusly, similar to a tempest, with her thumps, her force, her inflexible music.


Track list.


[00:00] RAL7016 - Sanguine (Beatless Version) [NM2]

[03:00] Visum - Skugga [DEFAULTBOX]

[06:00] ID - ID

[10:30] ID - ID

[16:00] Freiheit - Rebirth [SOUND DISSONANCE]

[20:00] Rocko Garoni - MBF [SECOND STATE]

[24:00] Reinier Zonneveld - Feel Free (ID Remix) [FILTH ON ACID]

[29:30] Nene H - Hush Now (VTSS Remix) [POSSESSION]

[33:30] Caravel - Resilience [DOLMA RED]

[37:00] Alignment - Sensory Deprivation [KNTXT]

[41:00] Toni Alvarez - Robak [PLANET RHYTHM]

[45:30] DJ Dextro - Transition [KORPUS 9]

[48:00] DLV - Space Machine

[53:00] AnD - No Feelings [INVOLVE]


Watch the video below.









Amnesia reveals parties in 2021. Ibiza's super club announced that the closing party will happen on October 23

with the club promising the "best artists, the most progressive sound system on the planet, a staggering visual creation and our magnificent atmosphere" .These parties regularly move for 24 hours. Limit will be "more restricted than expected. Read the full announcement below.




On October 23rd we reopen our doors to celebrate our Closing with you all

 As the positive news begins to flow around the UK and EU, we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This pandemic has slowed us down but hasn’t stopped us. So, this year, we’ve reinvented the season and decided to announce our events in reverse order: presenting the end but leaving the start open.

 Today we announce one of our most awaited events: THE CLOSING. Grab your calendars and save October 23rd because, after all the parties we missed this year, there is no doubt that this one will be one for the books.

 We’ve worked a lot to make this an unforgettable closing with all the things you love the most: the best DJs, the most advanced sound system in the world, a spectacular visual production and our unbeatable atmosphere.

There are still many details to be announced, but meanwhile we can already anticipate that capacity will be more limited than usual.


Watch scenes Amnesia Ibiza Closing Party With Ricardo Villalobos & Luciano 2019 below.



The incredible dancing duo disbanded after 28 years of forming in Paris.


Daft Punk, the Parisian band responsible for the absolute most famous dances and pop tunes anywhere, has disbanded. They announced on Facebook and YouTube with an 8-minute video entitled "Epilog". The video on youtube had over 6,700,000 views in a few hours.


Notwithstanding, the band's marketing specialist Kathryn Frazier has affirmed that this is in reality the end according to Pitchfork .


Τhe video finds Daft Punk walking in the desert, one moving away from the other to a point, then turning face to face.Then they come close again looking at each other while listening to the desert air. One robot takes out its uniform, turns its back on the other, at the same time the other programs the countdown. The robot starts moving away until it reaches a point where it stops moving. 


There the countdown reaches the end and the robot explodes. Αfter the explosion a logo appears that reads '1993-2021'. So then music is heard on the video and the landscape changes to a sunset in the desert. The remaining robot continues to walk alone in the desert while the sun sets or rises.The video is extremely allegorical and documentary showing the dissolution of the duet as well as the lonely path they chose to take from now.


The clip is taken from their 2008 film Electroma.


Daft Punk, consisting of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, have been very successful over the years with international hits such as "One More Time", "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and "Get" Lucky ", while they have also won six Grammy Awards.


They achieved popularity in the late 1990s as part of the French house movement; they also had success in the years following, combining elements of house music with funk, techno, disco, rock and synthpop. They are one of the most influential acts in dance music history. 


Daft Punk wore ornate helmets and gloves to assume robot personas in most public appearances since 1999 and rarely granted interviews or appeared on television. They were managed from 1996 to 2008 by Pedro Winter (also known as Busy P), the head of Ed Banger Records. 


 Lead single "Get Lucky" reached the top 10 in the charts of 32 countries. Random Access Memories won five Grammy Awards in 2014, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year for "Get Lucky". In 2016, Daft Punk gained their first number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with the song "Starboy", a collaboration with The Weeknd. Rolling Stone ranked them No. 12 on its list of the 20 Greatest Duos of All Time. 


Watch the video below.







David Guetta introduced another outstanding audio visual show of his streaming series United at Home, this time on the top of perhaps the most amazing buildings στο Dubai Burj Al Arab.


The French legend, due to tracks like "Titanium" and "How Soon Is Now", has established himself as one of the true geniuses of EDM at the end of the last decade has recently adapted its sound, and is currently a pioneer in developing and creating the sounds of a future rave, which includes more obscuretechno and tech-house seasoned sounds through his Jack Back, nick name.



Guetta has also fascinated isolated ravers in pandemic with the live stream of "Joined At Home". Helping raise money for the World Health Organization (WHO) with its first exhibition in Miami last spring,with fans and celebrities from all over the world coming in to watch this amazing audiovisual show


The next show was on Τop Οf the Rock in New York last summer, On New Year's Eve, Monsieur Guetta presented an epic show outside the Louver, in the city of Paris.


Over the weekend, the Guetta team changed the luxury inn helipad into an epic stage for its show. Accepting the vast city scape at sunset, the DJ scene lit up the night sky, highlighting the excellence and construction of Dubai.


Playing for just over an hour, the No. 1 DJ kicked off his set with a remix of the "Titanium" Future Rave remix. He also presented his first techno and house music creations by Jack Back,
such as Jack Back - Amsterdam and Jack Back - Permanence. It is characteristic that he chose the techno music classic track, Domino from Oxia.

The stunning audio visual show closed with lots of fireworks and drones traveling through them while listening to Energy 52's classic trance anthem Cafe Del Mar remixed by Tale Of Us and reworked by David Guetta .


In these troublesome occasions, we desire to bring solace, happiness, and backing through the force of music and feelings. We have upheld many charities and aided have a genuine effect in individuals' lives during the pandemic. 


You can support UNICEF and Dubai Cares causes here.



Track list.



00:00​ Intro
02:25​ David Guetta feat Sia - Titanium (Future Rave Remix)
07:15​ Camelphat & Will Easton - Witching Hour (David Guetta Rework 2020)
10:05​ David Guetta - Play Hard (feat Ne-Yo & Akon) (Future Rave Remix)
13:18​ David Guetta feat Sia - Let’s Love (Future Rave Remix)
16:10​ David Guetta & MORTEN - Air
19:47​ David Guetta & MORTEN - Dreams (feat Lanie Gardner) (extended)
23:32​ Jack Back - Amsterdam
27:05​ David Guetta feat Chris Willis - Love Is Gone (2020 David Guetta Remix)
29:30​ David Guetta - You Can’t Change Me
34:45​ Jack Back - Permanence
38:50​ Oxia - Domino (2021 David Guetta Remix)
41:20​ David Guetta & Kid Cudi - Memories (2021 Remix)
45:00​ David Guetta feat AKON - Sexy Bitch (David Guetta Techy Remix)
48:34​ Florence + The Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name) (David Guetta Remix)
51:56​ David Guetta - When love takes over (feat Kelly Rowland) (Future Rave Remix)
55:00​ David Guetta & MORTEN - Odyssey
59:37​ Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix) [David Guetta Rework]
01:03:30​ Outro

Watch the video below.






Α couple of years ago an epic after party took place at a villa in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


There, the usual suspect, the king of after parties according to many fans, Solomun, dropped in the mornings some awesome house and techno music tracks. 



The videos immediately went viral on social media. The combination of music with the awesome positive energy of conductor Solomun,who did not fail to do his classic dance moves and to mingle with the lucky few who managed to be at this party make these moments unique.


Of course, the most critical moment that caused panic among the fans of the German maestro on social media was when Solomun left the decks and went down with the people. As an amazing song was playing that was unreleased at that time and one of Solomun's favorites now known as Angelov - Retrida, 


then everyone sat down with beers and drinks, waiting for the song to evolve and as soon as the enchanting sound with the bass erupted, everyone got up and danced, embracing Solomun.
It is characteristic that a gentleman in a suit, possibly a security guard, also took part in this scene and enjoyed it with his soul.



Angelov - Retrida was released a little later on Solomun's label DIYNAMIC and you can listen to it below.




In the next scene, just as epic as the first, Solomun this time is on the DJ decks and plays another favorite song that most fans were looking for. This according to the fans called, Cassius - The Sound Of Violence (Antony Toga Background DiscoVox Version). So then Solomun dropped his characteristic dance moves once again.


Αgain shuffled with those in attendance,The Big man, let everyone dance together and have
fun while listening to the amazing Ryan Murgatroyd - Wicked Eyes (Ryan Murgatroyd & Kostakis Remix) through the speakers. You can see the whole list of songs and the unique moments below.


Track list:


1- angelov_music : retrida
2- @cassius the sound of violence (anthony Toga background discovox)
3- Ryan Murgatroyd : wicked eyes (&kostakis remix)
4- Matteo Bruscagin : Rain
5- ?
6- Metro Area : Miura


Watch the videos below.





 Bars and Restaurants at Balearic Islands to reopen outdoor areas from March


In a report distributed by The Olive Press, it has been stated that the Balearic government will begin the acceleration plan with the opening of restaurants on March 2, 2021, after Covid pandemic the operation of clubs, cafes, bars and various organizations was suspended, as a result of which their entrances were closed.




So in early March the bars and restaurants in Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca and Mallorca will really want to open patios and outdoor spaces for the general population. the interiors will really want to open from March 16 - giving CO2 meters inserted into the various venues so that the spread of the virus can
be controlled in the best possible way.


Despite the good news, the Balearic Confederation of Business Associations said the news was "unacceptable" because of the way 80% of bars and restaurants in Mallorca do not have outdoor patios. However, many entrepreneurs viewed this news positively.


The Majorca Daily Bulletin reports that the Balearic islands at present sit at a high danger level, with 157.38 14-day combined rate of Covid cases. The island of Ibiza stays at extraordinary danger level for 14 days.


However some days  Pedro Sánchez said in a gathering with the Executive Council Of The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Madrid, that 70% of the Spanish population would need to be vaccinated before the nation could resume for tourists.


 Spain probably will not welcome mass tourism until the end of summer 2021


But later  Reyes Maroto, the country's Tourism Minister, has said in a question and answer session that Spain will start to resume in Spring.


Spain's tourism minister says that Spain will open to travelers by the spring





Source: DJ Mag




Αn anxious resident of the area suspected that an illegal gathering was taking place.



The Police in Berlin were called to the city's Magdalena Club. The Berlin police had a weird mission on Saturday. Around 9:30 p.m., a concerned resident called the crisis number 110 and announced that she was following a live stream of electronic dance music on Facebook and that there were obviously more than 200 individuals there. ( According to Berlin Zeitung.)



Police organized a huge number of officials from various departments. Appeared at the site of the activity- at Club Magdalena Friedrichshain - intense, repressed bass roaring from the structure. So the police made a move and surround the building.


The ringing of the emergency services at the passage entryway at first didn't prompt any quantifiable achievement. What's more, even a glance through a window didn't help the officials, since activities couldn't be seen. At long last an individual opened the entryway and allowed the
officials admittance to the "party".


Notwithstanding, the assumed visitors were not found, on the grounds that as the police found - the festivals were just a web event from Club Magdalena as a live stream from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. 

Crowd was just welcomed on the web. Truth be told, there were more than 200 individuals joining in - "online viewers" ​​on Facebook. The police left in the wake of finishing their obligation.


UK police arrived to an "illegal rave", which appeared to be a queue of pensioners waiting for the Covid vaccine

Watch back the Magdalena Dj set  here




Deborah De Luca performed for DJ Mag a massive techno music DJ set from the Island Of The Death, Mauritius.


Τhe set lasts about an hour, and italian techno artists performed some techno music bangers consisting of their own productions on the SOLAMENTE label as well as other artists. 



The combination of music together with the enchanting landscape of the island and the sea create an enjoyable atmosphere for the observer who watches the video.


Deborah De Luca starts the set with a song consisting of an Italian vocalist called La Rappresentante Di Lista - Questo Corpo and suddenly pops a techno track, Aran Burn - Black Beat (T78 Remix).The Italian artist then plays some of her own tracks such as "Dancing To The Goa","Follow Her", "Words Thorns".Also at 51:55 plays the remix of Layton Giordani in the classic Green Velvet - La La Land. The closing track is also wonderful but we do not know its identity yet.


Born under the shade of the sails of Scampia, difficult neighborhood at the periphery of Naples. Born in 1980, she embarked on a career in the music world working very hard  , starting as a waitress in many clubs and then as a dancer for several years.


When she was a teenager she moved to Northern Italy for the high school, started a route into the world of fashion industry studying to become a fashion designer, but  soon she understands that his path was in a completely different direction, enthusiasm for the night life in the local gave her the right reason to start a journey that now counts a lot of people who appreciate her , first of all for her talent.




Mauritius officially the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) off the southeast coast of the African continent, east of Madagascar. It includes the main island (also called Mauritius), as well as and Rodrigues, Agaléga and St. Brandon.



Deborah De Luca at an after party in Australia playing this banger and more


Watch Deborah De Luca playing the first massive track of her first Album


More scenes, DJ sets and track names from Debora De Luca



Track list. 


01       La Rappresentante Di Lista - Questo Corpo
02 0:35  Aran Burn - Black Beat (T78 Remix) [GAIN]
03 6:55  Deborah De Luca - Dancing To The Goa [SOLAMENTE]
04 12:40 Deborah De Luca - Follow Her [SOLAMENTE]
05 18:45 Deborah De Luca - Words Thorns [SOLAMENTE]
06 24:20 A*S*Y*S - Redemption [FE CHROME]
07 31:15 Dominik Saltevski - Boötes Void [SOLAMENTE]
08 36:30 Sopik - Black Plivka (Vince Weyn Remix) [FINDER]
09 42:25 Daria Barbun & Volodia Rizak - Epiphany [SOLAMENTE]
10 47:15 ID - ID
11 51:55 Green Velvet - La La Land (Layton Giordani Remix) [RELIEF]
12 57:15 Spartaque ft. Dea - Found You [CODEX]
13 1:02:40 ID - ID 


Watch the video below. 


Sandy Sax is a skilled saxophone artist who as of late performed on his overhang during the Coronavirus lock down in France.


In the same way as other artists as of late, he needed to give diversion to everybody at present stuck in their homes during this emergency.


Playing the saxophone over "Insomnia", he transforms this club anthem into a mind blowing saxophone solo work of art! "Insomnia" was originally released by Faithless.


Sandy Sax studied in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand Conservatory which is a music school in France. Up to this point, he was a music instructor just playing in little gatherings of individuals and offering exercises to the individuals who wished to become familiar with the saxophone. 

In 2014 he chose to begin performing publically, playing close by DJs in clubs and celebrations. His profession has thrived, taking him around the globe playing at a wide range of occasions in Europe, Uruguay, Singapore, India, China and some more.


The saxophone's tone works superbly as a lead instrument in EDM music, similar to a wonderful sounding synth. This is the thing that Sandy Sax exploits and he does it unimaginably well. He has added his magnificent saxophone prompts remixes of Faithless, Eric Prydz, Guru Josh Project,Paul Kalkbrenner and other well known techno and electro EDM makers.


 "Insomnia" is a song recorded by British musical group Faithless. Released as the band's second single, it became one of their most successful. It was originally released in 1995 and reached number 27 on the UK Singles Chart, topping the UK Dance Chart in the process. 


 When re-released in 1996, the song achieved a new peak of number three in the United Kingdom and topped the charts of Finland, Norway, and Switzerland, as well as the American and Canadian dance charts. It also featured on Faithless's debut 1996 album Reverence


"Insomnia" was voted by Mixmag readers as the fifth greatest dance record of all time in 2013. It was certified double platinum by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) in 2019.


 Watch the videos below.




Watch the video underneath for 30 minutes of magnificent sax performances from Sandy Sax.


02:33​ Fritz & Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky and Sand (Sandy Sax Edit)
09:35​ Corren Cavini- My Mind (Sandy Sax Edit)
13:38​ Kylie Minogue - Magic (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
17:32​ David Guetta & Sia - Let's Love (Cesqeaux Remix) Sandy Sax Edit
20:37​ Oliver Heldens & Party Pupils - Set Me Free (Sandy Sax Edit)
23:42​ Alesso ft Liam Payne - Midnight (Sylvain Armand & Kiko Franco Remix)
27:39​ Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - Coffee Shop (Jose De Mara & Sandy Sax Edit)




Source: themusicman





The Italian techno artist grew up in the suburb, where the critically acclaimed Mafia crime drama Gomorrah is set, and this will be her first time playing there.

The opening track of the set named Dori Me which is Deborah De Luca's creation was one of the highlights. the Italian techno artist also played her edit Daft Punk's Technologic in  1:06:30 minute.



The closing tune was a compination of melodies and techno vibes named Gianluca Brugnano - Love Theme (Deborah De Luca Remix). In 37:00 minute Debora played another techno banger named MOTVS - Fracture.The dj set starts at dusk and during the night it lights upand the lights go on eagerly in combination with the strange buildings creating an atmospheric techno music environment


Expect powerful sounds against a striking backdrop. Deborah De Luca is also set to release her second album ‘She Sleeps’ via Sola_mente Records on August 18 this year. 


The Vele di Scampia is a large urban housing project built between 1962 and 1975 in the Scampia neighbourhood. It was named for the triangular shaped buildings, reminiscent of a sail, as they are wide at the base and narrowing as they rise. They are similar to Marina Baie des Anges in Villeneuve-Loubet, France.


Deborah De Luca was Born under the shade of the sails of Scampia, difficult neighborhood at the periphery of Naples. Born in 1980, she embarked on a career in the music world working very hard  , starting as a waitress in many clubs and then as a dancer for several years.


When she was a teenager she moved to Northern Italy for the high school, started a route into the world of fashion industry studying to become a fashion designer, but  soon she understands that his path was in a completely different direction, enthusiasm for the night life in the local gave her the right reason to start a journey that now counts a lot of people who appreciate her , first of all for her talent.



Deborah De Luca - Dori Me
T78 & Ballarak - The Antidote
Nicolas Cuer & Dolby D - Soumysion
T78 - Riot (2K20 Remix)
KETTAMA - Raw Cuts
LuizFribs - Raver Dynasty
MOTVS - Fracture
Frankyeffe - Hear Me
Brugnano - Acqua Gelida (Deborah De Luca Remix)
Jason Orfan & Fonsekas - Million Stars
Deborah De Luca - We're Free Again
Daft Punk - Technologic (Deborah De Luca Edit)
Kelis - Milkshake (Deborah De Luca Edit)
Deborah De Luca - I Go Out (2020 Rework)
Aardy - Another Time
Mizar - Oh My God
Deborah De Luca - Sugar
Gianluca Brugnano - Love Theme (Deborah De Luca Remix)


Watch the video below.





Pacha Group Kicks Off its International Expansion with Mykonos Openings  


Pacha brings the ultimate island party to Greece. Here are their announcement: Destino Pacha Mykonos, a glamorous new resort from the iconic Pacha Group, will be opening on the Greek island of Mykonos on 1 June 2021. 



To celebrate the launch and international expansion, Pacha is also bringing its world-renowned immersive cabaret dining experience Lío to the island. The opening of Destino Pacha Mykonos and Lío Mykonos, the first Pacha openings outside of Spain, are an important step in the groups mission to bring its inimitable Ibizan experience to more people in more ways. 


Overlooking the white sands and turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Destino Pacha Mykonos occupies one of the best spots on the island. Comprising 34 rooms, with six spacious sea-view suites, the hotel combines traditional Mykonian architecture with innovative touches by Pacha Group. The elegant tiled floors and white-washed walls are complemented by natural wood, stone and linen, and the use of glass opens up views across the water.  


Designed for ultimate indulgence, the famous Pacha pool scene with its buzzy restaurant, lounge and bar is at the core of the Mykonos experience. Playing host to an intriguing array of artists and performers, guests can expect a mix of world-renowned DJs and local talent and, can soak-up the unique spirit of Ibiza, Greek island style. 


The all-day Mediterranean restaurant serves up locally sourced fare, featuring plenty of freshly caught seafood. A dose of health will be provided by Destino Pacha’s wellness offering, which includes soothing massages and rooftop yoga. 


Launching alongside Destino this summer will be Lío Mykonos. After the success of Lío’s pop ups in London and Sardinia, the one-of-a-kind immersive cabaret dining experience will land permanently in Mykonos town. Curated by Pacha’s Creative Director Joan Gracia and dubbed one of Ibiza’s ‘wildest nights’, revellers can expect a unique and surprising display of burlesque, circus performance and gastronomy to come together to stimulate the senses.  


Nick McCabe, CEO of Pacha Group comments, “Destino Pacha Mykonos will be our first hotel outside of Spain and its opening is an important milestone in the evolution of Pacha. The low-key party vibe of this beautiful Greek island chimes perfectly with our birthplace and the opening of Destino, alongside Lío, is a fitting kick-off to our international expansion.” 


The opening follows the announcement of Casa Pacha Formentera, a new boutique luxury hotel on Ibiza’s pretty little sister island of Formentera and will be joined by several more launches from the brand in 2022. The company’s existing properties include Destino Pacha Resort, restaurant and cabaret experience Lío, The Pacha Hotel and the legendary Pacha Nightclub.   


[website] Room prices start at 260 euros per night. 


The Pacha Group is an international holding company that operates in the music, leisure, entertainment, hospitality, fragrance and fashion sectors, among others, with a large international presence through its brands: Pacha Ibiza (Night club) , Lío, Destino Pacha Resort and The Pacha Hotel. A business group characterized by exporting the Ibiza lifestyle to the whole world, a carefree, fun, sophisticated lifestyle committed to the environment and the people of the island.  


Watch the video below. 




Α rare video shows the legend performing inside the train traveling from Frankfurt to the Love Parade in Berlin in 1992.


At the beginning of this rare video you can see the party goers boarding the train checking the tickets and cheering from the windows of the train in a great mood showing ready for the famous Love Parade in Berlin. 




Then the video shows the legend Sven Vath much younger at that time, spinning some vinyls playing an awesome techno music track.


The Love Parade  was a popular electronic dance music festival and technoparade that originated in 1989 in West Berlin, Germany. It was held annually in Berlin from 1989 to 2003 and in 2006, then from 2007 to 2010 in the Ruhr region. Events scheduled for 2004 and 2005 in Berlin and for 2009 in Bochum were canceled. 


On 24 July 2010, a crowd crush at the Love Parade caused the death of 21 people, with at least 500 others injured. As a consequence, the organizer of the festival announced that no further Love Parades would be held and that the festival was permanently canceled.


The parade first occurred in July 1989, when 150 people took to the streets in Berlin.The parade was held on the Berlin Kurfürstendamm until 1996.Many people from Germany and abroad traveled to Berlin to take part in the Parade — over a million attended in the years 1997 through 2000 and 800,000 in 2001.


 In 2008, the festival took place in Dortmund on 19 July on the Bundesstraße 1 under the motto Highway of Love.  The official estimate is that 1.6 million visitors attended, making it the largest parade to date.


Read also:


A New Version of Love Parade is coming to Berlin in 2022


A hilarious video shows how Love Parade would be in 2021, after the announcement that it returns in 2022


Watch the video below.









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