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Track? !D. Blogspot_ was created to introduce the Underground Music which is presented in

all the well-known Venues and Festivals around the World. Composed by a mosaic of sounds from Deep House to solid Tech House, Techno and to atmospheric-melodic Tech house between the limits of minimal & electronica.

Exploring this music oasis you will travel beyond anything that was considered to be ordinary till now.

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The Magician Jeff Mills teams up with NASA and NTS Radio, launching a radio series featuring space science and music named‘Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits’.

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Detroit's legend will present a six-part radio programme that will explore topics such as high-level concepts in intergalactic theories, parallel realities, and time and space. During the series, Jeff  will invitescritically acclaimed experts and world renowned guest musicians from different music fields

The first chapter of the radio program titled ‘Black Hole’ has already being broadcasted.

Here is Jeff Mills announcement:

"The first chapter of The Outer Limits explores the different theories behind the strangest celestial object in the universe: the black hole. Inside the black hole is a point in space of infinite density and infinite gravity, from which nothing, not even light, can escape.

This is known as ‘the singularity’. This episode is split into four different segments, titled ‘Parallel Reality’, ‘Worm Holes’, ‘Time In Reverse’ and ‘The Stand Still Of Time’, all soundtracked with original music composed by Jeff Mills and featuring performances by American pianist Kathleen Supové and British violinist Thomas Gould. The guest commentator for this episode is Dr. Jameson Graef Rollins of Caltech’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory".

 For more info & dates  about ‘Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits’, click here.

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One of the most famous techno festivals Amsterdam's Awakenings has announced its full line-up for 2018 edition.

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Some of the Headliners of the monstrous line up are Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Maceo Plex and Nina Kraviz. There will be over 100 artists that will perform over the two days from June 30 to July 1 with some of techno’s heaviest acts to be there.

Awakenings will also recruit techno’s rising stars like Amelie Lens, Job Jobse, Charlotte de Witte, and Dax J, who they will make their debut at the festival.

Maceo Plex will bring his Mosaic by Maceo project at the Festival, while Richie Hawtin will bring his special CLOSE concept at the Festival for First time.

Other big names of the Industry will be Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Kölsch, Joseph Capriati, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and maestro Ricardo Villalobos.

Festival will take place at Spaarnwoude on June 30 and July 1, while more than 80,000 people are expected to attend.

For more information tickets and click at the Official site here.

Source: dancingastronaut

For Tickets click Here

Rebel Alliance was formed with one thing in mind. To bring cutting edge global sounds right to your doorstep. “Change is the only constant in life and the Indian nightlife scene has certainly seen its fair share of change.” Or so say, Karan Bhojwani and Varun Talreja of Rebel : Alliance

“When we started out throwing parties at the age of 15 and 16, it was just 20 of us riding around in a truck with speakers and a generator looking for any old spot outside the city where we could pop ourselves up and throw a party,” Karan laughingly reminisces about a time when electronic music still hid behind a veil, living up to its ‘rave’ reputation.

Click Image for tickets

So at 2018 Karan Bhojwani and Varun Talreja are kicking off  their event series with the no.1 DJ in the world on Resident Advisors poll for the past 4 years straight. The deep house maestro from Berlin, the Innervisions CEO and the pillar of the underground dance movement, DIXON

Innervisions's head honcho will perform for a very special, One Night, One Show only gig in Bombay on the 20th of January taking over the iconic Razzberry Rhino. DIXON’s sets have been known to beguile listeners into a deep meditative dance state and we expect nothing less from his Bombay show. 

Organizers felt that a simple club gig would not do his sound justice. So, they will present a unique, intimate, and interactive sunset by the sea DJ performance. Rebel Alliance has teamed up with music stalwarts, Submerge, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge , so that their combined forces will present attendees with a once in a lifetime aural experience.

Always remember DIXON’s trademark mantra “Together we dance alone”.

Dixon will perform at Bombay, India at 20th of  January.

For Tickets click the --> website link.

For more infos check the Event page on Facebook  -->here.


This article was sponsored by  Rebel : Alliance.

Exit Festival unveils huge Techno line up for his 2018 edition. The artist will perform at Exit Festival's Dance Arena.

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The Exit Festival is held annually at the amazing location of the Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia for four blazing days in July. EXIT is a rock, indie and electronic music festival close to the Serbian city of Novi Sad. Now known across Europe, the festival has become famed for its wild, unforgettable parties.

Some of the names that have been announced are Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer and Ben Klock. Also Ida Engberg, Belgian techno star Amelie Lens, Danish DJ Anastasia Kristensen,Duśan Nikolic B2B Runy and DJ Jock.

EXIT will kick off at July 12 up to 15. For tickets and information click at the website

Watch the official teaser below.



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