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Sound Tulum Music Event announces its 2nd edition recruiting Tale of Us & Afterlife for its first line-up. Below you can learn more and watch videos with track names from last year.

Sound Tulum, the event that has turned into one of the most outstanding and successful recent phenomenons of the international underground scene, announces that it will celebrate its second edition.

Tulum is one of the most exotic and magical indigenous places not just in Mexico but in all over the world. Therefore it's not a coincidence that Sound Tulum Music Event has chosen it as its home, because just like this extraordinary geographic point, this festival is a unique, incomparable and exceptional event. 

Since its birth Sound Tulum´s main aim has been to become the point of union and harmony between promoters, artists, brands and audience of the electronic underground scene on a global level.

Its first edition took place between the 29th of December 2017 and the 15th of January 2018. 18 days during which the events took place in the most incredible and unimaginable locations in the Riviera Maya. 

Tale of Us, Solomun, Maceo Plex, Bedouin, Ben Klock, Agents of Time, Blond:ish, Hosh, Modeselektor and Satori are just some of top international artists that were part of the its line-up. Therefore there are extra reasons to explain the huge success that this event had and the excellent reception from the audience.

This time it will take place between 29th of December 2018 and 13th of January 2019 and together with the locations from last year it will add new places that promise an even more spectacular experience. There will also be new agreements with brands, labels and promoters. 

Of course, the line-up will keep being one of its biggest priorities and taking into account last year schedule there is no doubt that it will not disappoint its audience again this year. 

Head to their Official page at Facebook for Ticket sales and more detailed information regarding this second edition here .

Solomun b2b Tale Of Us playing Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp D3R 25 Remix

Solomun b2b Tale Of Us at the Jungle Of Tulum, Mexico play Alex Metric & Ten Ven - Otic / 2 - AME - REJ

Tale Of Us in the Jungle during the sunrise at Afterlife's event playing Kaiserdisco - Varuna

Another Great moment with Solomun (Official) B2B Tale Of Us  at Zamna Tulum, México playing Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Tale Of Us Remix)


KiNK has become one of house music’s most in demand producers and remixers: his tracks easily stand out in any club night and they are second to none in the most competitive environment electronic music has ever seen. 

His abilities in finding the ‘sweet spot’ of new machines and even of sounds considered ‘classic’ and to reshape them into totally different beasts would be totally enough to justify the phenomenon. Yet this barely touches the surface of the story.

Arguably the world of dance music has not witnessed anyone else rising so clearly from bottom to top just by the centrifugal force of sheer talent. Being based in Sofia, Bulgaria, without a support network, a campaign or any media hype, his music alone – live and in the studio – created a momentum whose end we have yet to see.

KiNK (Live) @ Neopop Electronic Music Festival 2018 (BE-AT.TV)

Having met Neville Watson over the internet, he first gained recognition with the duo’s collaborative releases on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour. “Inside Out” and “Full Flight” were huge records in 2008 already, but it was an unassuming video of KiNK tweaking a drum machine at home that landed him a gig at Berlin’s ever emblematic Panorama Bar. By today, he has played the world several times over.

Thus, KiNK’s live sets hold the key to understanding how he creates unparalleled enthusiasm on stage and through his studio output. By now, a guy with a laptop has become the most common sight in a club. 

Yet the visual discrepancy between the dynamics of sound and the statics of a mouse click has driven most ambitious live acts to sideshow tricks: visuals, LED screens, compensatory dancing – smoke and mirrors. 

By contrast, KiNK’s live sets simply take the hood off - strictly in terms of sound. A small set up of machines and controllers is all there is, but every knob turned produces an audible result. Often he will pass a machine to the audience and incorporate their input in real time. This happens at mind-boggling speed. 

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Trackidblog ® Techno & House (@trackidblog) στις

Hyperactive, yet holding down grooves to kill for. KiNK’s ability to nail smash beats on the fly, well visibly and audibly, that most people couldn’t program in weeks of studio work – this ‘credibility of sound’ right where it matters is what sparks the love everywhere he visits.

Considering his meteoric rise to fame, it would be easy to stereotype Black Coffee as just another black diamond, a BEE beat magnet out to mine the insatiable upwardly mobile urban house party market. But as he proved on his South African Music Award-winning album “Home Brewed”, this DJ and producer defies convention. Sidestepping Afro-house clichés and stage-managed highs in favour of restrained sophistication, Black Coffee's penchant is for true Afropolitan house: home-brewed but fresh and future-focused. Expect almost sculptural balance and beauty.

If one heard a clamour and ululating emanating from the eastern provinces of South Africa, KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape, announcing the recognition of a cultural phenomenon.. and their role in the development of this cultural phenomenon.. one could not argue were that clamour and ululating to be in respect of one.. that is the soul, spirit, talent and vision of Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, one better known as “Black Coffee”.

Check out his Best recent moments!

Black Coffee | Tomorrowland Belgium 2018

Mighty Black Coffee performing during Loveland Festival and doing as always his best! What an ARTist!!

trackid: Da Capo – Dance Away The Pain Again feat. Marissa Guzman

August 26th - 3rd September

First-Timer’s Guide

Burning Man is not a festival. Burning Man is a community. A temporary city. A global cultural movement based on 10practical principles.

We don’t book acts or provide entertainment. What happens here is up to you! There is no corporate sponsorship. You are entering a “decommodified” space that values who you are, not what you have. You are expected to collaborate, be inclusive, creative, connective and clean up after yourself. Participate actively as a citizen of Black Rock City.
Wondering where to begin? Here are some resources to help you get started.

Get Involved

The power of the Burning Man experience is held by each member of the community. It requires everyone to do their part.
Trojan Horse, Pull (Photo by Andy Pischalnikoff)

Ways to Participate

Burning Man is the sum total of the activities of its participants, and the ways to participate are as unlimited as one’s imagination.
Connect with Spark!
Working on a project and looking for help? Got skills and resources and want to work on a project? Connect through Spark, our online system facilitating creative collaborations in our community.

Here is how much it costs: Time Magazine’s  Money  have made the calculations:

Getting There

$450: Ticket + fees
$427: Round-trip average airfare to Reno estimated by Hopper (or fly straight into Black Rock City for an average $1,250)
$80: Vehicle pass
$130: Car rental from Reno Airport (or book an $800 RV for a four-day trip)

Back to  the Desert with Lee Burridge Burning Man, Nevada US. Track: Super Flu – K5000

Food & Drinks

$135: Covers a few fresh groceries plus a supply of dehydrated camp food packets
$3: Pop-Tarts variety pack
$18: Beef jerky
$18: Trail mix
$30: Four 5-Gallon Water Carriers (Organisers recommend bringing 1.5 gallons of water per person per day)
$10: Gatorade 12-pack
$42: Two 18-packs of Corona beers
$30: Soft-side cooler
$32: Ice (Available on site for $4 per bag)

Track: Nese Karabocek - Yali Yali (Todd Terje Edit)

Survival Supplies

$30: Re-usable bottle
$20: First-aid kit
$10: Sunscreen
$16: Particle/dust mask (Or alternatively you could skip this and use an old scarf)
$10: Goggles (protect your eyes during dust storms)
$5: Ear plugs
$16: Emergency toilet
$5: Hand sanitiser

Track: Whilk & Misky - Clap Your Hands ( Solomun Remix)

$12: Garbage and recycling bags
$10: Fire extinguisher (in case you feel the urge to burn your art)
$15: All-in-one tool
$10: Duct tape
$10: Headlamp
$17: Camping lanterns
$10: Car phone charger
$30: Small gas can & extra gas (stations are few and far between)

Sunrise with The Martinez Brothers at Burning Man playing Dj Gregory - Elle (Main Mix)

Toys & Camp Decor
$65: Used bike (don’t spend a lot for a set of wheels, because the Playa dust will never come off)
$9: Glow sticks
$23: Cabana or shade structure
$13: Solar lights to decorate your campsite
$250: Costumes

Sunrise at Burning Man with Oliver Koletzki in action playing  Nese Karabocek - Yali Yali (Todd Terje Edit)


$100: Tent & heavy-duty stakes
$80: Camp stove (you’ll need if you want hot food)
$37: Warm sleeping bag
$10: Portable shower

Total Cost: $2,218

Pachanga Boys playing 'Time' at Robot Heart

Track playing CamelPhat - Gypsy King

Moments at The Burning Man, Distrikt. Dancing in the desert playing Technasia - I am Somebody

An incredible morning at Burning Man at The Kazbah with Sabo & Goldcap in command delivering magical moments playing Unders - Syria (Satori Remix) 

Magical Saturday sunrise with Rampue at White Ocean, Burning man playing remix Dolly Parton - Jolene!

Jamie Jones at the Burning Man playing Alien - Leonix

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Trackidblog ® Techno & House (@trackidblog) στις

Finally for the first time some Kerri Chandler tracks have been made digitally available  Maestro Kerri Chandler a gives an entirely free download of 43 vinyl-only tracks.

Kerri Chandler wrote in his Facebook Account:

"Hello everyone, As promised I am putting this link up for 43 songs of mine for free that weren’t available as digital downloads.

Hope you enjoy and play them. Thank you
With Love, Respect and Admiration

The free 43-track, 2GB has been uploaded at  WeTransfer link which you can find below. It includes cuts like "Get It Off," Nina Simone remixes. The pack also includes rare mixes or previously unreleased tracks, such as  "In The Morning," Chandler's 2006 and contains well-known Chandler classics like 'Mommy Wants a Record' and 'House is House' and more.

Download the tracks here.

Kerri Chandler plays Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body 

Stephan Bodzin has been a hugely influential figure within the global techno scene for years. The reason the German has endured where many had fallen by the wayside is because of his devotion to authenticity. “Without it, everything would appear to be..

After starting out by composing music for several prestigious European theaters, Stephan Bodzin soon fell in love with nocturnal club sounds and began producing his own brand of techno. He impressed right from the off and has gone on to work with Marc Romboy many times, including on albums like “Luna” and more recently “Kerberos & Styx” in 2014, and with Oliver Huntemann under myriad aliases including Rekorder. The fruits of these labors have defined the modern techno scene until today.

“Throughout my releases and all my collaborations I managed to let my ideas flow freely and to develop my own style,” Stephan Bodzin explains, and he proved that with 2007’s debut album, “Liebe Ist…” and the many other original productions that have followed, such as 2014’s single ‘Sungam’, which sat at number four on the RA charts, and his massive remix of Super Flu’s “Jo Gurt” in the same year.

Watch unique live performer, Stephan Bodzin doing his magic..! The way he live his performance!!

trackid: Stephan Bodzin - Boavista (Unreleased)

Stephan Bodzin productions are driving, hypnotic things with a very real and memorable sense of melody that sticks long in the mind. Of course, running his own Herzblut label has also defined his career since 2006, and as well as being a place for his own work, has also housed refreshing contemporary music from Dominik Eulberg, Max Cooper and Pig&Dan amongst many more.

Alchemist Stephan Bodzin played his magical live set 10000 feet high in the mountains at Schilthorn Piz Gloria for Cercle. Watch the video and check out the tracklist and  more moments below.

In the club, meanwhile, Stephan Bodzin is both a story telling DJ who really takes dance floors on a ride through his many musical influences, but is also an impressive live specialist who creates mesmerizing, high impact soundtracks on the fly. Across all continents, there is barely a club or festival in the world worth its salt that he hasn’t headlined at some point or other.

2015 will see this Bremen mastermind release his second full length, “Powers of Ten”, as well as a new single on DJ Tennis’ and Tale of Us’ taste making label Life & Death. The album is another magical piece of work that focuses on melody and rhythm, on fat bass and vivid sound design and is a truly captivating journey through the mind, music, body and soul of one of dance music’s truly modern greats. It is just the latest chapter in what has been an exhilarating musical journey in the capable and creative hands of Stephan Bodzin.

Hawtin created a unique techno sound, which is regarded as synonymous with the city of Detroit. That sound, electro house, is very minimal, yet highly danceable.

Richie Hawtin is a genuine original. His critical acclaim spans the creative realm of the fine art community to the technological vanguard. Meanwhile, as a performing artist, he is constantly pushing conceptual frontiers, moving things forward, welcoming as many as he can to ideas and experiences that would have seemed pure science fiction when he began his career.

Hawtin is British-born and Canadian-raised. He is the business mind behind Plus8 and MINUS Records, nurturing a plethora of talent from Speedy J in the early 90s to Gaiser in the 2010s. And, of course, he is Plastikman, perhaps that most of all, electronic musician par excellence, maintaining an underground agenda of avant-garde electronica over six albums (and two compilations). He returned spectacularly to the live circuit in 2010 with his Plastikman 1.5 incarnation which held its own among the new EDM generation of Skrillex, Deadmau5, etc, stars to whom Hawtin is both old guard ambassador and hero.

It is not just the rising young talents who look up to Hawtin. Daniel Miller, founder of the seminal Mute label, referred to him as “a leader” and “a pioneer”, the New York Times called him “one of the electronic dance world's intellectual forces,”. However, it's plaudits from other areas that showcase the breadth of Hawtin's appeal. Raf Simons, former Creative Director at Dior, says he listens “to Richie Hawtin's music like others listen to classical music”, calling him “the Kraftwerk of today”. In 2013 Simons asked Hawtin to put on a special performance at the Guggenheim, New York's iconic art museum, as the centre-piece for their annual fund- raiser. A special Plastikman show in November that year, constructed around an LED obelisk and with music specifically composed for the occasion, awed everyone present and pushed Hawtin through a six year creative block to complete his latest Plastikman album "EX", the first full studio album in over a decade. “Going to the Guggenheim to make a site-specific work was one of the most incredible experiences,” he explains, “It put me put me back in the studio, inspired me to make new material and in five days I'd finished the new album. Music came out of me because of the opportunity to play in this beautiful architectural space renowned for art not music. It allowed me to step very far from dancefloor, gave me a huge amount of freedom back. Art and music, architecture and music, painting, sculpture - these mediums live together.”

Wicked moment with Maestro Richie Hawtin performing at Destino Ibiza!! 

trackid: Adam Beyer & Bart Skils - Your mind

This has not been Hawtin's only crossover to other art forms. In June 2011 he worked with the Turner Prize-winning British-Indian artist Sir Anish Kapoor to transform the Grand Palais in Paris into a gigantic red-themed installation and cultural happening. The result was a strikingly memorable 5000 capacity art-rave, and for the 2006 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony he worked with Italian choreographer Enzo Cosimi to soundtrack and co-create a stand-alone dance piece.
More recently he was commissioned as part of Bertrand Bonello' exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris to re-score Dimitri Kirsanoff's silent film "Brumes 
d'automne” (1928). Then there's his ongoing work with his younger brother, the established graphic artist Matthew Hawtin who has been involved in visually representing much of Richie Hawtin's work throughout his career. Most recently the pair's Contained concept pieces created a sensation at Art Basel/Art Miami 2013, with the duo combining visual art and pop-up musical performances based around shipping containers in the city's famed Wynwood Design District.

“Art and music were always synonymous when we were growing up,” Hawtin recalls, “We lived together for about 8 years and I would walk through his art studio, see what was on the walls, go to my music studio to make noise. The soundproofing wasn’t good so as he was painting he’d hear what I was doing. There was always an unspoken discussion about what I was working on and what he was working on. Over the years we did a lot of travelling together. We started to have this night and day creativity. In the daytime we'd go to art galleries see Ellsworth Kelly, Mark Rothko, and at night we'd be hearing Jeff Mills. Somehow it all made sense to us. We want to represent this synchronicity.”

The Hawtin family moved from the Oxfordshire village of Middleton Cheney, UK, to Ontario, Canada, in 1979 when Richie was nine years old. His father, a robotics engineer, encouraged his son's interest in music and technology. To this day Hawtin remains at the forefront in this area. A beta-tester for sequencing software Ableton Live as far back as 2000, he has also worked closely with Native Instruments, notably on their Traktor Scratch programme. On 2008's Contakt Tour with fellow MINUS artists such as Magda and Troy Pierce, Hawtin jammed on Wireless Audio Workstations using brand new technology such as the Lemur Controller. His own Berlin-based development company Liine have created an array of innovations, from the Synk app, which allowed users to interact with Plastikman's live tour in 2010-11, to the Smudge app, which synchronized with audio-visual installations at his ENTER. Residency in Ibiza in 2012.

It was always thus. The teenage Hawtin was into Detroit techno in the mid-80s, then a nascent underground machine music rather than a popular style. He became a DJ, setting up Plus8 with his friend John Acquaviva, with whom he would later co-found the online dance music hub Beatport in 2004. He set the techno world alight with Plastikman's birth on the ’Spastik' single and 'Sheet One' album in 1993, the latter arriving in a cover that looked like blotter acid. Where Plastikman began as stark techno, it would later bloom into more thoughtful fare such as 1998's strange, wonderful "Consumed" album.

Hawtin ruled '90s techno from his base in Windsor, Ontario, via Detroit, his public image that of the ultimate techno boffin, shaven-headed, serious, with glasses. Things changed after the millennium. He moved to New York for ten months then headed for Berlin where he grew his hair, lost the glasses and threw himself wholeheartedly into the lifestyle. There was concurrently a huge interest in minimal, a stark stripped techno style pioneered by Hawtin and revelled in by all at MINUS. It was a phase that energized clubland, chucking out cheesiness and taking dance music back to its percussive roots. Hawtin's close association with Sven Vath at this time tempered the dark twitchiness of his Plastikman persona, bringing out his inner joie de vivre. His residences at Vath’s Cocoon nights in Ibiza finally allowed him to fall in love with the island after a rocky start there back in the '90s. It was the beginning of a new era.

In 2012, Hawtin created his incredible ENTER. experience at Space, Ibiza, a distillation of his vision, a five-room adventure impeccably designed, boasting all-night ecstatic dancing and, as importantly, a Sake Bar, which provides five unique and delectable ENTER.sakes. Then there's Hawtin's personal favourite space, the glowing, psychedelic, womb-like Mind Room, marinating in avant-abstract electronica. For 12-14 weeks between 2012 and 2015, 7000 revellers gathered, drawn by the power of “the dot”. ENTER.'s black spot logo, part total eclipse silhouette, part minimalist art statement, and all marketing genius, bespatters the white island all summer, from temporary tattoos to beach balls to the cannon confetti that rains down on ENTER's dance floor. ENTER. has evolved into huge global shows in Amsterdam, Japan, London, Madrid and Mexico.

Then again, with Hawtin a new era is usually just around the corner. In January, 2016, he called an end to ENTER. in Ibiza, driven by his desire to focus his attention on an array of new projects. He has always changed yet always stayed the same, remaining true to his core ideals but driving forward at speed to see what he can achieve. Nowadays his position as a statesman for dance music is acknowledged. At the CNTRL series of lectures in 2012, he toured America's universities, putting the country's current electronic dance boom in context. If that was about giving the musical present historical perspective, CNTRL returned in 2015 with an 8 date US Tour with lectures at colleges in the day and club shows in the evening, the talks stroked provoking ideas and practices for burgeoning musicians, producers and DJs. In 2015, his commitment to education, was solidified, when he received an Honorary Doctorate Of The University Of Huddersfield for Outstanding Contribution to the world of Music- Technology. The year before, AIM aka the Association for Independent Music, gave him the Outstanding Contribution accolade for his dedicated to the sector.

To mark Plus 8 Records reaching 25 years of age, Hawtin wrote and released an entire album of new material under the various recording aliases he’s used in that time. Titled "From My Mind To Yours", it was the first dancefloor material from him for some time. Alongside the new recordings and taking the ENTER.Concept worldwide, Hawtin started 2016 by announcing a partnership with product designer Andy Rigby-Jones, Allen & Heath and parent company Audiotonix to create Play Differently. The group will release products which will expand the creativity of today’s generation of electronic music artists. Richie Hawtin will, as ever, be revelling in the possibilities of whatever comes next....



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