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Time Warp 2018 has ended. It was its 24th edition confirming festival's fame as the best techno event in the world. Watch Seth Troxler's two hours set at Time Warp 2018 and check the traclist below.

Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela – Derek ID – ID ID – ID ID – ID Perbec & Mark Broom & Baby Ford – Chaser 1200 Warriors – R You ID – ID Alexander Kowalski – The View Of Changes (David Alvarado Remix) Turner – When Will We Leave (Robert Hood Remix) ID – ID ID – ID

Underground Solution ft. Jasmine – Luv Dancin’ (In Deep Remix) 1st To Go – You Keep Saying (Dub Mix) ID – ID Antonio Zambelli – Rana The System –

You Are In My System (Atmospheric Vocal) ID – ID Bobby Konders & House Rhythms – Massai Woman DBX – City On The Edge Of Forever ID – ID The Cartridge Family – First Refusal ID – ID ID – ID Mystic Bill – U Won’t C Me ID – ID ID – ID


American Techno Behemoth Maceo Plex announced a series of three EPs called “techno mutations”.

Eric Estornel is set to release what are described as "techno mutations" through various labels. First of all he starts with Mutant 1 on Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant. He also includes his own Ellum Audio. It is a similar project as the Conjure Series and it comes after four years.

Mutant 1 is coming out at  May 18th, incuding three tracks. There will be vocals from Maars, an alias of Estornel's wife Christine Mooneyhan. Mutant 2 will be released on Ellum later in the year, while informations about  more EPs details are yet to be announced.

Check the Mutant 1 tracklist below.

01. Mutant DX feat. Maars
02. Mutant Moog feat. Maars
03. Mutant Disco feat. Maars

Mutant 1 will be released at Correspondant on May 18th, 2018.


Source: residentadvisor

Time Warp 2018 has ended. It was its 24th edition confirming festival's fame as the best techno event in the world.

Watch Maceo Plex at Time Warp 2018 below and check some track names below.

[000] The intro track is an all time classic by Vapour Space
[068] The Sabres Of Paradise - Smokebelch II (David Holmes Mix) [Warp - CDD34]
[073] ?
[076] Someone Outside - Cloud Atlas (Mallone & AntiAlias Hourglass Reconstruct) [Ardor - 010]
[079] ?

[109] Orlando Voorn - Tone Exploitation (Rabbit In The Moon Mix) [Be Yourself Music - BYMD 101]
[114] Jark Prongo - Helios [Innervisions - IV 20]

Check also more moments:

Nina Kraviz closed Time Warp 2018 with a two hours captivating set of acid, trance and Techno. Watch and check the tracklist below.

[000] ? ... [013] Bjarki - ? [018] PTU - The Pursuit Of A Shadow [Unreleased] ... [031] Komakino - Outface ... [037] Bjarki - MothMothfckr ... [040] Dave Clarke - Storm [042] Casseopaya - Carma In An Ocean Of Joy (DJ Misjah Remix) [X Trax - X 011]

[044] Thomas Schumacher - Supreme Funk (The Advent Remake) [Spielzeug] [047] Tres Demented - Demented (Or Just Crazy) [049] ? ... [058] Lester Fitzpatrick - Danger Room ... [072] DJ Rush - McQueens Beat [DJAX Upbeats - DJAXUP 304] [073] ? ... [080] Tesox - Prophetic Steps ... [089] Emmanuel Top - Radio ... [102] Bjarki - ? [106] 6M - Red & Black [110] Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never


1. Alex Niggemann – Exos
2. Alex Niggemann – Array
3. Alex Niggemann – Array (Yotam Avni remix)

Release Date: 20/04/2018
‘Exos’ marks an anticipated return for Alex Niggemann, following his two 2017 outings, ‘Legacy’ / ‘Fences’ (AEON027) and ‘Serenity’ (AEON031). The releases on the highly respected Berlin based producer’s label, AEON, mirror the DJ sets that he is famed for, focused on conjuring up the spirit of classic and timeless music, whilst always pushing boundaries and moving things forward.
Alex’s first outing in 2018 is a diverse package that displays his customary variety of moods and textures. ‘Exos’ demonstrates Alex’s command of intricate layering techniques, and jacking rhythmic patterns sure to rock the most discerning of floors, building to a satisfying synth laden climax.

‘Array’ by contrast, adheres to a darker and more melancholic mood, building a haunting tension throughout, and driving relentlessly and menacingly forward at all times.
Yotam Avni has been catching many people’s attention with his recent outings on Innervisions and Hotflush. Here the exceptionally talented DJ/Producer provides perfect remix interpretation for ‘Array’: mounted on a deliciously solid groove, Yotam’s arrangement continually teases and surprises, introducing esoteric percussion and sensual synth flourishes to create an atmospheric alternative.

Celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year, Alex Niggemann’s lovingly curated AEON defined by his ever-careful devotion to perfection, provides a distinctive vision. This bold attitude has precipitated AEON’s ability to continually evolve and flourish, since its inception. With an ethos based on encouraging creativity and experimentation without restrictions and expectations, AEON is a platform to showcase music that stands for quality and originality - music that can ultimately become timeless and treasured forever.

Kölsch back at the home of techno as Awakenings take over the Gashouder for their annual easter spectacular. Recorded live in Amsterdam. ---- Subscribe to BE AT TV channel ⇢ http://bit.ly/BE-AT-YouTube Facebook ⇢ http://bit.ly/BE-AT-Facebook Twitter ⇢ http://bit.ly/BE-AT-Twitter Instagram ⇢ http://bit.ly/BE-AT-Instagram

Well known for his productions Rune Reilly Kölsch has sold millions of records all over the world under his many different monikers and production work.

For Danish Native Rune Reilly Kölsch, Kompakt is the “perfect label” to call “home.” The much-­‐ revered Cologne-­‐based imprint released Kölsch’s seminal LP ‘1977’ in 2013, continuing a tradition of providing ground breaking and genre-­‐defining cuts. Kölsch’s work proved to rewrite the rulebook on techno production, setting it on a melodic, emotion-­‐induced course. Kölsch returns to Kompakt this year with his long-­‐awaited album ‘1983,’ a veritable master class from one of techno’s very best. Kölsch, Rune’s primary and personal project, is a medium for the narration of his life through sonic soundscapes. Rune’s first critically acclaimed album release, ‘1977’, which is full of timeless tracks such as Loreley, Opa, Oma and Goldfisch, signifies the year of his birth and draws inspiration from his culturally diverse upbringing. Rune himself notes, “being half Irish, half German and living in Denmark – it was all one big messy period of my life.” 

Living in Christiania, an anarchic hippie commune in Copenhagen while spending school summers in Germany with his grandparents, Rune recalls how ‘1977’ was a product of “reminiscing about what shaped me as a kid” and “the weird ideas and concepts I had on my mind at the time.” While Rune attributes the emotion of ‘1977’ to the “solace” and “imaginary world that I would spend days in,” he describes ‘1983’ as a “travel album,” sound tracking the first year he travelled through Europe aged six. 

The sentimentality is clear; the journey is vibrant and picturesque. Rune describes the experience of traveling from Denmark through Europe to the South of France as driving from “cold northern winter through the spring into the summer.” Kölsch continues to perform to the highest calibre, serving an acclaimed Essential Mix for Pete Tong to the BBC Radio 1 listeners, setting the Fabric main room alight with his sound, playing Space Terrace – in his words “a boyhood dream since I started going to Ibiza in 1999” and opening Ushuaia in 2015. 

Kölsch has continued this run of global domination with his Australian Tour, South American Tour and also the Ibiza commitments in 2015, where he’s also playing Space and Amnesia + closing Ushuaia with Antz. Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac has shown her undying support, noting 'that man is sort of King when it comes to pianos and House music. 

He’s got a way of wrenching your emotions.' Continuing his exploration of the complete musical spectrum, Kölsch has also given Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars”, a characteristically extended remix that improves upon the original in every conceivable way. Rune describes how ‘1983’ has been over two years in the making. The result is an elegant, anthemic, transcendent soundtrack, which engulfs the listener from the outset. 

A sonic coupling of classical composition and contemporary production, the addition of Gregor Schwellenbach's emotive orchestral strings blend in harmony with the beat-­‐laden percussion, offering a symphony of sound unheard in the techno spectrum.

 The final track ‘Papageno,’ taking its name from the main character in the play the ‘Magic Flute,’ is about Rune’s revelation while watching that very play. It dawned on him that “the whole higher establishment of the German upper-­‐middle class” were instead of watching the stage, looking at him, “this little hippie kid, and they did not approve of me being a part of their society.” With Waa Industry supplying the melancholic vocals, the track serves as a plaintive end to the cathartic experience that is ‘1983.’

Superstar Swedish DJ Tim Berglund a.k.a Avicii died on Friday at the age of 28.He was found dead in Muscat, Oman earlier this afternoon.

"It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii," his representatives said in a statement today. "The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time. No further statements will be given."

The artist stopped touring live in 2016, as he wrote on his website, because of health problems, including acute pancreatitis and had to have his gallbladder and appendix removed in 2014.

The exact cause of Avicii's death is not yet known.

King of the White Island, Carl Cox will return to Ibiza this summer for three parties. He announced dates at Pacha, Amnesia and DC-10 for One Night Stand parties.

Carl Cox has already been announced dates at Privilege for Resistance and these will be his only appearances at the Island this summer. He will headline One Night Stand parties of Game Over promoters, the same that he did the Pure Carl Cox Ibiza events with last year.

The dates are on Monday 2nd July at Amnesia,  on Tuesday 10th July at Pacha and on Friday 10th August at DC-10 .

Check out  the announcement for the series: "Each individual club has its own special bit of magic so Game Over are there to bring out the best in all of them. They’re very much about the stripped back, no holds barred approach to parties. Forget the massive LED screens and effects… when you’re there, you’re in and part of the experience… the DJs, the music and the people are all part of what makes Game Over events so special.

"They want dancers who feel it like they do and expect everyone to let loose and sweat themselves dry with a smile on their face all night long: so, come down, pick a spot, bring a buzz and let the music do the talking."

Here the list of Carl Cox’s One Night Stand parties at Ibiza summer 2018 and the teaser below:

Monday 2nd July, Amnesia Ibiza
Tuesday 10th July, Pacha Ibiza
Friday 10th August, DC-10

More info: http://www.1nightstand.es

Solomun + 1 is coming to Berlin.

For the first time, the Hamburg DJ’s successful party series makes a stop in Berlin. The concept is simple: Solomun invites a single trusted artist, both play individually at first, then continue with a special B2B. 

After successful events in New York, L.A., Miami and Tulum, Solomun + 1 now stops in Berlin as the first party in a brand new location: Kabelwerk Berlin. The "+ 1-artist" of the night will be Kompakt boss Michael Mayer. The Berlin premiere of Solomun + 1 will be presented in a brand new location. 

The Kabelwerk, built during the turn of the century, embodies Berlin as much as it does Techno. The vast hall and industrial charm make it the perfect location for Solomun + 1. It is no secret that a Solomun set knows no limits. 

Time and again, the man has impressively offered his audience extended musical journeys that seem to melt hours into days. The Berlin debut of Solomun +1 is no different, already scheduled for at least 14 hours.

Berlin’s Tegel airport could become a huge club complex once the site closes later this year while the long-awaited  Berlin Brandenburg Airport is about to open.

Berlin-based newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reported on Wednesday that members of Berlin’s Clubcomission (they represent Berlin’s club scene) will visit Tegel airport next month and check out the site if they can host there a number of clubs and use the place as a festival location.

At the moment is still unclear, what will happed due to Berliners voted to keep Tegel open in a Referendum last year. For the moment Tegel’s tower is a hot candidate for a club.We'll have to wait and see if these plans will start happening but we are sure for one thing, In Berlin, anything can be a club.

Read also: 

 [Via: Electronic Beats]

[00:00] Ellen Allien - Call Me (Emmanuel Top Remix) [BPITCH] [02:00] ID - ID [07:00] DEAS - Velocity [SECOND STATE] [11:00] Veerus - Fact [OCTOPUS] [15:00] Thomas Hoffknecht - Triple [NONLINEAR SYSTEMS] [19:00] Developer - Lost Moments (Len Faki Hardspace Mix) [22:00] Emmanuel Top - This Is Cocaine (Regal Remix) [FILTH ON ACID] [28:00] Sebastian Groth - Snow Leopard (Gary Burrows Remix) [33:00] Egbert - Zaag [MINDSHAKE] [38:00] Jay Lumen - Balance [OCTOPUS] [45:00] Paul Ritch - Inside The Hidden Room [QUARTZ] [51:00] Thomas Hoffknecht - Drehmoment (Original Mix) [55:00] Patrick Chardronnet - Oxygene Part II [1:00:00] Speedy J - EDLX Tool [1:05:00] Gary Beck - Just One More [WE ARE THE BRAVE] [1:08:00] ID - ID [1:13:00] Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (Physical Mix) [1:16:37] Avgusto - Hidden Visitors [FLASH] [1:19:00] Funke - Pan-Pot [SECOND STATE] [1:24:00] T78 - Fisto (Original Mix) [1:34:00] Dj Rush - Djax-Up Beat [1:44:30] Rebolledo - Discotico Plexico (Maceo Plex Remix)

Tale Of Us with Sasha will headline Renaissance Birmingham, an event that marks the return of Renaissance’s legendary events.

They will play a back-to-back set. Also Agents Of Time and Marino Canal will join.Event will take place at Birmingham’s unique warehouse space in the heart of the city, CRANE  which is  a unique 12,000 square foot ex-industrial facility.

Renaissance will release its ‘ReMix’ series at the beginning of summer starting with  Tale Of Us’ forthcoming remix of Energy 52’s track 'Café Del Mar'.

Watch some moments, we have uploaded at our Facebook account below with Tale Of Us playing Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Tale Of Us remix) at Club Space Miami, Fabric London and Tulum with Solomun.

For DJ and producer Ilario Alicante, all recent successes come down to one thing: he started clubber, still considers himself a clubber, and he will always maintain that vital link with the dancefloor. Ilario’s rise has been nothing short of meteori..

Born in 1988 in Livorno, Italy, Ilario’s journey began with his local DJ community, landing him a long-running residency with Pachamama. 

After the success of his first hit track “Vacaciones En Chile” (Tenax Recordings), Ilario began accepting invitations from clubs around Europe, further honing his DJ’s ear and fine-tuning his unique production sound.

Ilario Alicante playing his classic anthem at Guendalina playing  Ilario Alicante - Vacaciones en Chile.

Paul Fisher is a former WQS surfer, vlogger and making career into techno and house music indusrty.

Following the successes of his vlogging at Follow The Fish ( followthefish.tv and  Instagram), he is now making music as producer FISHER also together with Cut Snake.

His debut release was Ya Kidding, and it was a dancefloor bomb.

Check below moments and track names .

Fisher dropping his brand new track IM LOSING IT at Coachella Festival.

Fisher at South Africa dropping another banger. Track:
YOU GOT ME BURNING UP (Fisher Remix Unreleased)


Hotly tipped DJ and producer THEMBA unveils his debut EP on the mighty Knee Deep In Sound. The South African produces three varied cuts that pack serious punch and make for a stunning introduction to his music.

THEMBA's absorbing take on house and techno stems from his African roots, incorporating local musicians and vocalists. He's recently burst onto the global music scene with a string of high profile gigs, championed by Black Coffee. 

Having recently played at Elrow, he's due to make his Ibiza debut this summer at Black Coffee's opening party at Hi and will appear at Hot Since 82's Labyrinth party, Pacha

Master of the audio visual shows Eric Prydz has announced a brand new live, named HOLO.

Eric Prydz has uploaded a short clip at Instagram and Facebook as a teaser ahead of the tour, in which a floating 3D DNA helix rotates in breathtaking detail. This is going to be spectacular

Earlier he revealed a teaser testing some holograms, at this time many suspected the return of his EPIC live show, which there was sold-out in London  last year and 15,000 people watched it.

This time Mr. Prydz returns with HOLO, a new concept that has been in the works for several years. It is expected to use similar holographic technology to create a thrilling, amazing audio visual experience.

Eric Prydz will bring his HOLO show at UK on June 2nd in Braehead Arena at Glasgow, on June 30th at Belsonic Festival, Belfast and on  30th of August at Creamfields Festival.

Watch the teaser below. For tickets and more infos you can check  here.


Eric Prydz at Megastrucure, Ultra Music Festival, Miami playing: don t you want my love - thomas gold ( dave spoon remix )

Eric Prydz as Cirez D b2b Adam Beyer playing: Cirez D On-off / ID-ID / Cirez D - Envelopes / Billy Kenny - Trip Report 

Eric Prydz as Cirez D b2b Adam Beyer at Soho Studios,
Miami Music week playing : The First track was uploaded at Adam Beyer's facebook account probably its a new Drumcode's unreleased / Boxia - No World Order / ID-ID



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