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Nevada's Burning Man celebration, established on a reasoning of harmony, love and liberality, was planned to go about as an impermanent case of how individuals could live and get along without the budgetary and social limitations of standard society.

Throughout the years the celebration has developed into one of the biggest occasions of its sort on the planet, winding up increasingly more like the outside world that it was looking to escape from, as indicated by numerous long-term "burners."

Burning Man – though not strictly an electronic festival, and truly so much more than a musical gathering – has similarly taken steps in an effort to prevent the rich and famous from taking advantage of cultural events created for the community.

Because of some genuine protests from Burning Man 2018 participants, CEO Marian Goodell took to The Burning Man Journal to report some across the board social changes.

 “I am disappointed with the attitudes of the mutant vehicle and art car folks. Their gatekeepers are very discriminatory on who they let ride. I was actually told, ‘No, it’s too late for old people to be out, anyway,’ ‘you’re not pretty enough,’ and ‘we’re only picking up hot girls right now.’ I asked other camp members and heard similar stories. One gay couple said they had tried for 3 years to get on a vehicle and they were denied every time.” -Retired Artist, Male, 70

CEO Marian Goodell: We’ve been observing some troubling trends for a few years, but this report stunned me.  Surely you’ve seen examples. Whether it’s commercial photo shoots, product placements, or Instagram posts thanking “friends” for a useful item, attendees including fashion models and social media “influencers” are wearing and tagging brands in their playa photos. This means they are using Black Rock City to increase their popularity; to appeal to customers and sell more “stuff.”

Is this okay? How could it be? Isn’t this commodification? Even if the intention is to express gratitude, isn’t this an exploitation of the Black Rock City community? What about our principle of Decommodification? It’s fair to say this behavior has been around for a while. 

Posts of gratitude cross referenced with hashtags started off slow and innocently enough, but are now wildly out of control. Failing to make clear what behavior is unacceptable has compounded the problem. I recently heard rumors of more than one product or business launch happening on playa in 2018. Seriously, people. This really isn’t Burning Man

One of the most distressing trends is the increase of participants (both new and experienced) who don’t seem invested in co-creating Black Rock City, and are attending as consumers. Mass consumption in our default world, ticket scarcity and some elaborate luxury camps have contributed to the rise of a playa “convenience culture.”

In some cases, camps or companies are offering “all inclusive” pre-packaged Burning Man experiences, claiming they will preemptively meet all of their client’s needs. Burning Man is anything but convenient, and therein lies its transformative potential!

 Whether it is in Black Rock City or elsewhere around the world, Burning Man is not built for you, it is built by you. Burning Man is not a festival. The invitation to participate is more than an invitation to have an amazing experience. It’s about CREATING that experience for yourself and those around you.

 The principal change made, as Goodell clarifies, is with respect to ticket deals. The move is with an end goal to help financial decent variety and decrease factors that brought about a "comfort culture". Activities taken incorporate extending low pay ticket distribution, modifying expensive ticket deals, and disposing of the 'constrained deal'.

“In our ongoing effort to enable participants with limited budgets, we’re growing the application-based Low Income Ticket Program by 18 percent. There will be one high-priced ticket level, and we’re reducing the overall number available by 30 percent,

Now the worst offender, a glam affair called “Humano the Tribe,” is banned from the next festival.Residence in Humano the Tribe’s campsite (a map on their website shows the camp encircled by RVs) cost a minimum of $25,000, in addition to a $2,000 “tribal fee,” Mashable reported.

In the event that you know about the Burning Man ethos and how the on-playa network functions, obviously a glaring pay-for-play camp goes totally against Burning Man social guidelines.

Lately, these fitting and-play camps where rich people pay for their time in the residue have turned out to be increasingly prominent – to quite a bit of Burning Man participants' frighten. Fortunately, the Burning Man association is at long last tending to, and putting a stop, to this.

Another huge declaration rolled out laid out improvements to the Outside Services Program, which enables gatherings to construct vast ventures and camps in an opportune manner. The program is regularly abused for attachment and-play camps that have OSS organizations fabricate their camps completely for them and are obscure about their allowing and the camps that have procured them.

Hence, the BM Org is splitting down much further on what organizations will be permitted passage this year. For the 2019 occasion, Burning Man will uncover the name of specialist co-ops who "have a background marked by not being frank in their interchanges as well as neglecting to acquire required grants". Ouch.

 Source: burningman

Watch Damian Lazarus' sunrise set,best moments and check out the track names below. Here are a few words from the man himself: "I had been at the festival for over 14hrs before I started to play and I had hardly slept for 2 weeks before. So this is me, raw and uncut, not the best technical set I ever played but Wow, what a morning!!

There’s a lot of unreleased new music here in this 90minutes (I played another 2 and a half hours after) and a couple of my favorite tunes of recent times, tracks that I feel very connected to. I’m usually hesitant about releasing audio or video live sets as I believe it’s impossible to feel the energy and the vibe from an event on a laptop screen but I hope you get some kind of positive feeling from what you’re about to see. 

This festival is all about love and once again I’m very thankful to my entire team and to all the thousands of amazing people that joined us for this Day Zero but most of all id like to thank the Mayan community who work so closely with us and trust us enough to take care of their land. Stay tuned for more Day Zero news soon.".- Damian Lazarus


01 Black Coffee ft. Msaki - Wish You Were Here (Damian Lazarus Reshape) [ULTRA]  
02 7:47 &ME - As Above So Below [PAMPA]  
03 13:50 CIOZ - Cookie Man [GET PHYSICAL]  
04 20:05 ID - ID Bedouin - Wastelands (ID Remix) [CROSSTOWN REBELS]  
05 25:03 Mano Le Tough - An Hour In The Morning [MAEVE] 30:08 Mandrill - Universal Rhythms  
06 33:58 ID - ID  
07 39:11 Doorly & Hauswerks - Ayahuasca [GET PHYSICAL]  
08 44 ID - ID
09 49:58 ID - ID
10 55:38 Teddy Pendergrass - I Don't Love You Anymore (ID Remix)  
11 1:03:58 Raw District - Konflikt [SOLAR DISTANCE]
12 1:10:11 Damian Lazarus - Moment (ID Remix) Damian Lazarus - Moment (Adam Port Remix)
13 1:16:11Guy Gerber - What To Do (&ME Remix) [RUMORS]
14 1:23:23 ID - ID
15 1:28:33 ID - ID 

Master Alchemists Damian Lazarus & Black Coffee deep in the Jungle at Day Zero, Tulum, playing "the track of the moment" & more wicked tunes!

Tracks :Guy Gerber - What To Do (&ME Remix)   / lenny - guilty officer (Macro plex remix)  / The Smiths - How Soon Is Now (Maceo Plex Edit) / keinemusik muye black coffee remix

Some tracks: Doorly & Hauswerks - Ayahuasca / Guy Gerber - What To Do (&ME Remix) /Ame - ame rej / keinemusik muye (black coffee remix)  / Paso Doble - Africa feat TroyMusiq

Adriatique is an electronic music producer and DJ duo from Zürich, Switzerland, consisting of Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer. Watch Adriatique's mesmerizing set at Signal 2108 Alpe d'Huez for Cercle. Check out the  tracklist below.

They first met in 2008 and have been producing and playing electronic music as Adriatique since 2009, mainly house and techno.

In 2016 they founded a record label and platform for the arts called Siamese,
which releases their own music as well as productions by others.
Siamese has released music by Luca Ballerini, Ed Davenport, Sebastian Mullaert and Eduardo De La Calle .

Adriatique are also signed to Diynamic (Solomun’s label) and Afterlife (Tale Of Us’ label).
On Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Adriatique announced their debut album ‘Nude’ would be released on Afterlife on October 26, 2018.

Past releases include EPs for Cityfox and Culprit, as well as remixes for Moby, DJ Hell, M.A.N.D.Y, Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin.

In 2017, Adriatique recorded a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. They have also won three Swiss nightlife awards.


0:00 DJ Tennis - Gordon (Atmo Version)
8:00  Denis Horvat feat. Lelah - Noise
13:30 Toto Chiavetta - Arpeggiator in the sky
19:30 Damian Lazarus - All I need (Aether Remix)
24:30 Joy Division - Love will tear us apart (What_If Re-Birth Edit)
28:10 Ae:ther - Arteon (Dealing With God)
31:50 Hunter/Game - Silver (ID Remix)
36:30 ID - ID
40:00 Adriatique - ID
46:30 Adriatique - Studies in Dance Theory
52:00 ID - ID
57:00 Matthew Dekay - Heimreise
1:01:00 ID - ID
1:04:30 Yotto - Turn it around (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
1:09:30 New Jackson - The Night Mail (Mano le Tough Remix)
1:17:00 Adriatique - Ray (Re-Incarnation)

FuturFestival was born in December 2009 to celebrate the centenary of the Futurism, gathering more than 7.ooo people from all over Italy at Oval Lingotto, thus resulting “Italy's most beloved New Year’s Eve party”.Watch Solomun's set below.

In January 2016 it was mentioned by The New York Times as an unmissable event of that year.

In 2016 and 2017, together with Movement Torino Music Festival, it received the European Commission Patronage, the first for this kind of events in Italy.

North italy's Kappa FuturFestival will return once more for 2019, and any semblance of Carl Cox, Charlotte de Witte and Boys Noize, Jamie Jones, Amelie Lens, Peggy Gou, Richie Hawtin and Patrick Topping. Also Boris Brejcha, Nic Fanciulli, Dana Ruh and a live performance from Vitalic.

KFF17 registered 26% attendance from abroad, a new record, counting 62 nationalities among the 45k participants.

In 2018 KFF goes beyond itself, adding a 4th stage and registering an increase on all fronts: 65 high-profile international artists; 24 Italian performers, of which 13 from Torino. 50.000 participants, of which 35% from abroad (+74%), coming from 87 nations (+40%), new industry record.

More acts are to be reported in the coming a very long time in front of the celebration occurring from July sixth seventh at its notorious Parco Dora Torino base.

Research examined by Music For All features various physical and emotional well-being advantages to making and playing music.

Released ahead Learn To Play Day 2019 – which happens on the few days of 23rd March and sees numerous outlets around the UK offering free music exercises to individuals all things considered – the philanthropy hae incorporated research which all proposes that creation music makes you more beneficial and more joyful.

Results from a wide aray of sources referenced in the paper propose that learning an instrument as a kid makes you increasingly wise as a grown-up in connection to memory, verbal capacity, spatial capacity, handling pace and consideration.

Other research additionally recommend that creation and playing music diminishes the disintegration of physical wellbeing in old individuals and decrease the requirement for particular sorts of medicine. Playing piano, for example, obviously practices the heart the same amount of as an energetic walk.

As indicated by the paper, making music actually builds up your cerebrum, with instrumental music preparing decidedly changing the life structures of the mind with more prominent dark issue volumes in engine related regions.

“Collating this research on the health benefits is just another reason why we as a charity believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to play,” said Music For All’s CEO Paul McManus in an official statement “It’s clear that the desire to learn to play is there from the public as our research also indicated that, out of those people who have never played, 58% (14.6m) would like to learn to play a musical instrument, and an astonishing 76% of non-players said that they wished they had learnt to play an instrument.”

Source: djmag.

Another 3000-limit scene is coming to West London.
Exhibition London will open in the Grade II recorded building some time ago known as the Dimco building, already unopened to the general population, at the Shepherd's Bush shopping destination Westfield London.

The scene is a cooperation between land organization Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield and Broadwick Venues, which possesses and works Canada Water superclub Printworks. It'll have two floors and 34,000 square feet, the new venue will host live music events, exhibitions, award ceremonies and more. It will be operated by Broadwick Venues, which opened Printworks back in 2017.

London Night Czar Amy Lamé says, "The great range of entertainment venues in the capital play a vital role in this vibrant nightlife," according to the press release. "I'm delighted to see this historic location turned into a brand new venue for arts, music and cultural events."

 Bradley Thompson, managing director of Broadwick Live and Venues, said: “[Exhibition] will attract and serve not only the local community, but the ever-increasing number of people who rightly view White City as one of the most exciting growth places in the capital. The location is perfect and the building itself is incredible.”

Development on Exhibition London starts this month, and the scene is foreseen to open toward the year's end.

Printworks is London's biggest dance club and has ascended to end up a fundamental piece of the city's nightlife since its dispatch, facilitating an expansive scope of worldwide DJs and unrecorded music acts.

 Source: residentadvisor

B018 is as of now a dance club acting like a reinforced hideout positioned in the focal point of a round parking garage in Lebanon and is viewed as a standout amongst the best techno clubs on the planet.See 1st Names for 2019 below.

The backstory behind its ascent comprises of the makings of a Hollywood Movie, just it is a story that occurred, all things considered. The realness of the circumstance would never be envisioned by anyone that did not live it, so a film rendition of it would not do it equity.

The unforgiving truth behind what occurred amid the ascent of B018 is incomprehensible. In the mid-1980s, Beirut was a finished warzone. The general population that lived there couldn't feel safe because of the steady cannons blasts from different powers. Rockets and rockets overwhelmed the territory, and it was a period of incredible affliction and misfortune for the nationals.

 While war seethed on out of sight, music aficionado Naji Gebran invested his energy making and creating music in a little chalet with the blend B018 recorded on the front entryway. It began as his own music space and transformed into a position of expectation. Music darlings living on a live front line would add some enchantment to B018, and would make a music shelter out of the little chalet.

The notoriety soar, and the gathering would move past the underlying beginning spot and find a way to develop. They exceeded a few distinct areas until 1998 when they moved into the underground reinforced hideout that is the current amazing area.

The area got a ton of examination for its gathering setting on grounds that accomplished some fierce conditions. B018 sets in a previous isolate region or "karantina".

  Twenty years sooner the barren neighborhood was the site of an evacuee camp that accomplished decimation. Endless displaced people were butchered and the camp was totally annihilated amid the Lebanese Civil War. In the wake of the consequence, the region was surrendered, until the club set up shop in the dugout.

Starting backfire was squashed by the acknowledgment that it was a genuine portrayal of the history. An update that they moved through a warzone, as an indication of expectation. Music was the main impetus to get them through the substance of fear, so once it was understood that is was not intended to be a slap in the face to different local people, it was broadly acknowledged and in the end would transform into an overall travel goal for moving machines from around the world.

 The fortification has a famous retractable rooftop and was structured with adoration by the keepers and individuals behind B108. It sits amidst no place and is almost difficult to discover in the day time for first-time travelers. Amid the night the underground move region outrightly illuminates and attracts an intriguing quality to draw in the leaders of the night.

With the ascent of fame and move music clubs around Beirut, the pioneers that conveyed electronic move music to the territory in a period that dance club were fundamentally nonexistent, B108 needed to restore their selves as an overwhelming power in the move party world.

In September of 2018, the gathering and the supervisory crew driven by Ali Saleh concluded that it was expected time for a makeover of the notorious moving mecca in Beirut, and they shut the entryways amid the remodels. They meant to remain consistent with the roots, and not avoid the historical backdrop of B108 while rehashing the stepping grounds.

They used the administrations of the incredibly famous Lebanese, and unique shelter modeler Bernard Khoury and they stripped the whole inside. The moves up to the relic included upgrades to sound, lights, environment, plan, and to include by and large administration experience improvements. They kept the operational retractable rooftop to remain consistent with structure.

B018 is authoritatively back open for business as of December 2018. Generally reports from encounters at the reinforced hideout are that of sheer enchantment. The effectively next dimension rave dugout ran a stage above with their updates. It is a hotspot for big names, renowned specialists, and well off explorers, and ought to be viewed as a pail list thing for all gathering individuals.

 || Listings ||

18-Jan-19 – YAYA
19-Jan-19 – Magda
25-Jan-19 – William Djoko
1-Feb-19 – SIS
8-Feb-19 – Behrouz
15-Feb-19 – Guti b2b Cuartero
22-Feb-19 – Jimpster
1-Mar-19 – Serge Devant
8-Mar-19 – Fabio Florido
15-Mar-19 – Cassegrain
22-Mar-19 – Bill Patrick
29-Mar-19 – Luca Baccheti

Sasha's Last Night On Earth imprint celebrates its 100th release milestone with its first compilation, 'LNOE 100' - an 11 track LP that selects a team of all-star producers to remix some of the labels most successful releases.
Stepping up to the plate to give her interpretation of Sasha's 2015 banger 'Vapourspace' is techno queen Nicole Moudaber.
The inexorable dance music star explains her love of the track she's been asked to remix, saying: "Sasha's original version of Vapourspace is a masterpiece... a 9-minute euphoric slow build of a track, layers of dreamy immersive textures, taking you on a real journey - something Sasha is so good at, both in his productions and his DJ sets. Reminds me of the Northern Exposure days... it takes me back to Twilo - epic. I couldn't resist getting my hands on this one and putting my stamp on it. I've taken it into a tougher territory, whilst being respectful of the euphoric dreamy feeling of the original - hopefully people can close their eyes and get really lost in it on the dancefloor."

'LNOE100' drops on February 15 via Last Night On Earth
Pre-order: bit.ly/2TBuXez

As seasons have come and gone at Pacha, Solomun+1 Sundays have become a staple at the clubbing institution; continuing to bring fresh and familiar dancers to the floor, week on week. Watch out best moments below (tracklist).

The success of such a party is of course based on two crucial elements; the quality of the music and the hedonistic vibes of Ibiza’s original club Pacha.

Once again in 2019, Solomun +1 returns for an impressive seventh year to Pacha, with his dynamite formula and expertly crafted line-ups; showcasing his rounded knowledge of contemporary dance music.

The simple Solomun + 1 formula sees Solomun invite one guest to play their own set. After which, the Diynamic label boss and global house tastemaker plays his own solo set before finally going back to back with his guest. 

Last season, guest appearances featured a plethora of DJ names, seeing debut performances alongside the return of much-loved favourites: DJ Tennis, The Black Madonna, Bicep, Gerd Janson, Vladimir Ivkovic, Dixon, Tale Of Us, Sven Väth, Michael Mayer and many more were welcomed to the White Isle.

Returning home for another season, Solomun sets out to surprise the crowd once more, under the same concept; promising to showcase the influential DJ alongside his closest musical friends and family.

Solomun+1 returns to Pacha on Sundays 26th May – 13th October 2019


26TH MAY – 13TH OCTOBER 2019

Maestros Dixon & Solomun drop Fehlfarben - Paul ist tot at Pacha, Ibiza! 

Solomun  b2b Dj Tennis at Opening 2018 of Solomun+1 atPacha, Ibiza

Solomun b2b Tale of Us at Solomun+1's closing party, Pacha Ibiza Kraftwerk - ‘Radioactivity’ (Antony Toga Extended Mute Mix)

Burning Man Project’s mission is to produce the annual event known as Burning Man and to guide, nurture and protect the more permanent community created by its culture. 

Intention is to generate society that connects each individual to his or her creative powers, to participation in community, to the larger realm of civic life, and to the even greater world of nature that exists beyond society.

Watch Girls, Magical moments and Art Installations at Burning Man and Check out the track names below!

”Perpetual Consumption” Shopping Cart Art by @claytonblake.art  track: Modd - Vtown

Those magical playa sunsets@magimitina video:@fra_sirimarco Track: innerbloom-rüfüs

Radical fun dancing on art cars with these babes

Crazy vibes at the Burning man, track :A1 - Arashiyama [ Heko Records ]

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1-Lee Burridge & Lost Desert - Fall Of Innocence (Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Mix
2-RÜFÜS DU SOL - Underwater (Adam Port Remix)
3-Tiga Vs Audion - Let's Go Dancing 
4-Dino Lenny - Guilty Officer (Maceo Plex Remix)
7- Fake Mood - Amazonia



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