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An amazing after party took place in Cappadocia and the scenes are magical, full of energy. After party was a part of the main festival named Echoes From Agartha.


Echoes from Agartha runs from June 29 - July 3 in the totally dazzling, noteworthy, and socially imperative Cappadocia, Turkey. It is an occasion not at all like anything you have at any point experienced.

Where it happens is where humankind previously advanced - the Cappadocia locale which was framed quite a while back by the disintegration of delicate layers of magma and debris from Mount Erciyes (Argaeus), created with wind and downpour many years ago. 


Some of the artists that perform at the event are Damian Lazarus, Lee Burridge, Mind Against, Seth Troxler, WhoMadeWho, Chaim b2b Jenial, Tarsol, Elif, Majnoon, Carlita and a lot more with an entire abundance of music, history, Turkish food, horseback riding, sight-seeing balloon rides, earthenware production making, cave investigation, thus substantially more for specialists, visionaries and travel darlings to stall out into.



Watch the videos below.


Track: purple disco machine body funk




Founders of Echoes From Agartha said in a recent interview at festivalinsider


"We are Istanbul, Turkey-born, live at US, Yaaz and Yalim Acar who established Gate in 2018 with the possibility of arranging vivid idea shows in Los Angeles, California. Until now, we have effectively made numerous novel and fruitful occasion ideas. Each of the subjects have filmic aspects to them as well as storylines.

The last one we brought forth was our fantasy project, Echoes From Agartha, and it is the most aggressive one we have made up to this point.

The entire thought behind EFA was to make a place where we time travel to old times in the focal point of Anatolia, a region known as the support of development. The thought is to bring various clans from various societies together to permit them to encounter the rich history, expressions, and gastronomy of Cappadocia. We are essentially arousing a lost realm following millennia."


Track: Pachanga boys - time



Echoes from Agartha is in excess of a live concert. It is a spot to accumulate for darlings, healers, specialists, vagabonds, and outsiders.

Other than music, we are offering our kindred Agarthians probably the most extraordinary outings, for example, underground cavern city visits, an ATV safari, horseback riding in this tremendous scene, Sufi lessons, Ebru workmanship making and Turkish carpet making studios, an Ottoman supper experience in an old Monastery, tourist balloon gatherings, and that's just the beginning. 

A vivid encounter exists in the focal point of history, workmanship, and culture.


We have two essential scenes for the headliners and one extra setting for our gatherings. The principal scenes are The Zion and The Valley of Monasteries. The Zion is a lot of motivated by the film "The Matrix" it feels like a colossal cavern. The Valley of Monasteries is one more one of a kind scene as it is encircled by old Monasteries.


Track:  Mòo & Jo, Demayä feat. Arkadyan & Eribertho Cruzado - Desperado (original mix)









A Drone View and photos have emerged at Social Media showing the 10-Hour Traffic Jam at Burning Man Straight Out of Mad Max



Hundreds of fans of the 'Burning Man' Festival in the US showed eternal patience with videos and images on social media showing endless queues of vehicles and drivers anxious to reach their final destination: the Nevada desert, where participants enjoy "hot parties".



What's more, no such better proof exists to contend against Burning Man than the mass EXODUS. In desert heat over 100 degrees. Vehicles, Trucks, RVs, and Airstreams held up in a 10-hour line of traffic to leave the playa.
It is worth noting that the "Burning Man" festival is the largest outdoor festival in North America.


 For the needs of the festival, a whole week is essentially building a utopia, "Black Rock City", a "temporary metropolis" also known as "playa", as the organizers call it, with towering sculptures reminiscent of the dystopian universe of " Mad Max". When the event's trademark, the huge wooden effigy, is ceremoniously burned, the town of "playa" disappears. 


It presently flaunts 80,000 participants, and requires up over seven days in the Black Rock High Rock Desert of Nevada. The scene is an unforgiving no man's land with 50 degree temperature swings that move over 100, wild residue storms, and a penetrating, pounding sun.


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A video presents a Boeing 747, the Mayan Warrior and impressive Art Cars in Burning Man



Watch the video and check out the photos below.






Eagle Eye View of 10-Hour Traffic Jam at Burning Man


Track:  Ronald christoph - Take Off & baby



This is not a rave or an electro party but a combination of them that celebrates freedom of expression. From art to fashion and sexuality. "No one is famous or infamous, we are all equal", is underlined on the website of the event, which every year attracts the interest of ordinary mortals, but also celebrities and even the "cream of the crop" of Silicon Valley. 


The Burning Man Festival was started by a group of artists from San Francisco in 1986 and in 1991 moved to the Nevada desert, where it is held every year. After an absence of two years, the festival returns fiercer...


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These were the chaotic scenes as revellers leaving the Burning Man festival were stuck in eight-hour traffic jams in the Nevada desert. 

The 80,000 festival-goers left the temporary city in Black Rock Desert after nine days of partying.
But their mass exodus resulted in huge traffic jams trailing back miles, with 15 lanes of traffic in the sweltering heat. 


CJ Yu shared an incredible aerial view of the scene on Twitter, saying: “Tho people love to compare the #Burningman aesthetic to Mad Max… the Exodus from camp is the most Mad Max I’ve felt all week… 5 hours in, two more till I reach the exit gate.”




Burning Man 2022 is over. We watched some great moments at social media with amazing house and techno music. You can watch below some moments, check out the track names and useful info below.


Under the subject of Waking Dreams, the current year's celebration is investigating the "groundbreaking force of dreams, both strict and allegorical, and commending the visionaries who divert this strong energy in educational, frequently strange, some of the time extraordinary ways".



The "transitory city" was run until September fifth, and is supposed to exhibit various establishments and structures that celebrate "local area, workmanship, self-expression, and confidence".


Seeing that Burning Man is a city "wherein nearly all that happens is made totally by its residents, who are dynamic members in the experience", the current year's version includes a few designs by neighborhood and worldwide craftsmen, recorded here, that deciphered "strolling dreams" and made their own version representing things to come, the heavenly, and meta-reality. 


Burning Man is not a festival! It’s a city wherein almost everything that happens is created entirely by its citizens, who are active participants in the experience.


Guided by the values expressed by the 10 Principles, Burning Man is a global ecosystem of artists, makers, and community organizers who co-create art, events, and local initiatives around the world. Most recognizably, tens of thousands of Burners gather annually to build Black Rock City, a participative temporary metropolis in the Nevada desert.


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A video presents a Boeing 747, the Mayan Warrior and impressive Art Cars in Burning Man

Get an Eagle Eye View of 10-Hour Traffic Jam at Burning Man Straight Out of Mad Max


Watch the videos below: 


Track:  Sainte vie High Seas (Original Mix)



The nonprofit Burning Man Project produces the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, and provides year-round support, connection, education, and grants to an ever-growing network of Regional Burning Man communities in more than 40 US states and 35 countries.


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A GoPro Falls Off Drone In Middle Off Epic Burning Man Party


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Birds eye view as the Man burns


Track: Mano Le Tough Primitive People ( Tale Of Us remix)

That vibes at the desert /  Track: rufus du sol - Innerbloom

Track: LCD Soundsystem - You wanted a hit (Gabe Bootleg)



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