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Ibiza's Iconic dance club, Space, is set to return one year from now as indicated by proprietor Pepe Roselló, however in another form.

The well-known Ibizan businessman, Pepe Roselló, plans to open a musical restaurant in the Ses Variades area of ​​Sant Antoni next season according to Periodico de Ibiza. This was confirmed by Roselló himself to Periódico de Ibiza.



Earlier this year, gossipy tidbits about the dance club's revival circulated, Roselló  declared at that time: "It will be Space".


 Pepe Roselló, the Space Ibiza owner plans to reopen the club in 2022


It is a restaurant on the seafront, in the Posta de Sol building: Space Sun Beach. Roselló explains that the restaurant's menu will be based on raw materials of extreme quality, with fresh local produce.


With the start-up of this place, Roselló acknowledges that it will be a place that will be very reminiscent of Space, but “above all it will be a testimony to the musical legacy that José Padilla left us. 


Presently, we realize that Space Ibiza will get back to the White Isle as a music themed restaurant and bar called Space Sun Beach situated on the Sunset Strip inside Posta del Sol at San Antonio. Obviously, the amazing occasions will likewise return under another name 'Sundays at Space.'


He also prefers to wait before confirming the name of the star DJ of the party, it is enough to know Pepe Roselló to be able to have clear suspicions of who he will be. 


Presently, Roselló seems to have affirmed its return with  image arising on the web of the structure where Space Sun Beach, Space's new music-themed bar and eatery, will be introduced. The image shows a banner across the structure perusing: "Space Ibiza Dance, coming soon”".



Also a picture of Space's logo has showed up on a huge screen, on the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa d'en Bossa, with 'coming soon' composed under.


Charlotte de Witte has announced more epic news. This time it's anything but a massive EP however the declaration of a DJ set that vows to stand out forever.

Her famous label KNTXT has reported its most ambitious occasion to date. Set to happen in Charlotte's old neighborhood of Ghent at the massive and epic Flanders Expo on February 5, 2022, this will be the label’s greatest show of all time. The massive event is a collaboration with Tomorrowland and Live Nation and will highlight an elite 10 hour DJ set during the entire night  by Charlotte de Witte.

The location for this epic party is the former home of Belgium’s legendary I Love Techno event. It is a vast space that will be transformed into a KNTXT wonderland with mesmeric lights, production and world-class sound for what will be the label’s biggest ever show, in co-production with Tomorrowland and Live Nation. 
To date, KNTXT parties have been unforgettable affairs with world-class DJs playing forward-thinking sets. Thousands of people have attended from all over the world to get a piece of the action, and this hometown event will be special indeed.

Charlotte will play an exclusive, 10 hour all-night set that will allow her to dig deep into every corner of her collection and serve up the sort of thrilling, genre-blurring sets she has become so well known for. Says Charlotte, “One of the few things that kept me sane during the past 18 months was keeping up to date with new music that got released.
 It gave me purpose in a time where all certainties were lost. My music collection has been expanding over the borders of peak time techno and I’m beyond excited to take you on a 10 hour trip through my musical past, present and future. And honestly, what better place to do this than in my hometown Ghent? The place where it all started for me 12 years ago. This will undoubtedly be a night to never forget.”

Find out more here


Image Credit: Charlotte de Witte (via Facebook)

Burning Man celebration has quite recently declared its 2022 subject as "Waking Dreams".


The celebration has said that this subject will "investigate the groundbreaking force of dreams, both exacting and metaphorical, and commend the visionaries who divert this strong energy in enlightening, frequently strange, here and there extraordinary ways."



Watch Diplo from the "Robot Heart" at the unofficial "Burning Man" 2021, where More than 20,000 people attended 



Read the full announcement: 


After a long hazy blur of pandemic insomnia, unanchored in time and adrift between sleeping and waking, it’s time to start imagining the future again. And with exactly that in mind, we’re excited to reveal this year’s Burning Man theme: “Waking Dreams.” 

At BRC 2022, we will explore the transformative power of dreams, both literal and figurative, and celebrate the dreamers who channel this potent energy in eye-opening, often surrealistic, sometimes life-changing ways. For what is Black Rock City if not a collective manifestation of the community’s dreams? 


 “That reintegration of dreaming and waking consciousness that fuels surrealism also sounds a lot like how many people describe their Burning Man experience, as a sort of waking dream… It is a signature aspect of Burning Man culture that we transform our dreams into actions in the world. Not just an inner transformation but an externalization of that vision, bending the arc of reality toward the fantastic and bringing the world along for the ride.”


  It is a signature aspect of Burning Man culture that we transform our dreams into actions in the world. Not just an inner transformation but an externalization of that vision, bending the arc of reality toward the fantastic and bringing the world along for the ride.


How Much Do You Think it Costs to Go to Burning Man in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert


A video presents a Boeing 747, the Mayan Warrior and impressive Art Cars in Burning Man



Read full article below: 




 A GoPro Falls Off Drone In Middle Off Epic Burning Man Party


 How Much Do You Think it Costs to Go to Burning Man in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert



Photo credit: 




Anfisa Letyago upload some videos from here recent lives where she plays psy trance and techno music tunes.
The videos went viral instantly across many Instagram Pages featuring techno and house music. You can watch them and check out the track manes below. 



Hailing from Naples by way of Russia, Anfisa Letyago is quickly becoming one of techno’s most talked about new talents.Young, talented, charming and charismatic, Anfisa Letyago is rapidly becoming one of the breakout stars of tomorrow. 


Her musical journey began almost 10 years ago in her home town of Naples where she first began to experiment with Djing and productions, driven by pure passion. Fast forward to 2016 where she dropped her first release on the iconic dutch label Spinnin’ Records alongside Leroy Styles. ‘Stop Talking’ would eventually pave the way for her introduction into the world of electronic music, demonstrating her versatility as an artist and ability to stand out. 


Proving her prowess behind the decks from the get go, Anfisa has performed around the world alongside some of the biggest names in the game, such as Radio Slave, Pan-Pot, DJ Pierre to name a few


 Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2019: “Anfisa Letyago. I’m gonna put her on at Ultra next year, she’s a really talented live performer” - Carl Cox, DJ Mag, powered by Beatport.


 The past couple of years have seen Anfisa hone her talents and perfect her craft by pushing boundaries, experimenting and constantly evolving.


 Her productions have won the support of many prolific fellow DJ’s such as Adam Beyer, Charlotte De Witte and the aforementioned Carl Cox who has gone on to be an ardent backer of her music by signing her 2 EP’s, ‘So Good’ and ‘Catch the Spirit’ to his higher regarded Intec label.


Track list:


1  Durosai - 143 In My G37

2 Lacchesi & Mac Declos - Give It To Me (Nelly X-Rated Edit)

3 Space Cruising Kid Creme

Watch the videos.






A huge number of individuals keep the Burning Man fire alive in the desert after yearly Black Rock occasion was cancelled.
People named this Burning Man 2021, Renegade Burn, Love Burn, Free Burn, Plan B, Cancelled Burning Man. Of course many parties took place. Diplo took over the The Robot Heart art car playing a magical set during the sunrise. You can watch these scenes below and check out the track names.

A portion of those festivalgoers took to web-based media to archive their encounters, which went from flaunting their dynamic strange outfits to sharing pictures of perplexing motorcade glides and staggering laser light shaft shows. 

Thousands of burners have gathered into the Playa part of the Black Rock Desert. According to Forbes is astimated that 30,000 gathered in the desert. The official Burning Man, which occurred in 2019, moved almost 80,000 Burners to the desert.

Burning Man is an event focused on community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance held annually in the western United States. The event derives its name from its culmination: the symbolic burning of a large wooden effigy, referred to as the Man, that occurs on the penultimate night of Burning Man, which is the Saturday evening before Labor Day. The event has been located since 1991 at Black Rock City in northwestern Nevada, a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert about 100 miles (160 km) north-northeast of Reno. 
Some of the tracks:
 Somebody to love - Jefferson Airplane remix?
 Faze Action ft Nina Miranda - Vamos Pintar
 Ame - No War (Rampa remix)
 Rampa - The Church (original mix)
 Emanuele Esposito & Gianni Romano - It's Not Right (Feat. Helen Tesfazghi)

Watch the scenes below: 

2 Paul Johnson "Get Get Down"
3 Caught in a Wave - Simian Mobile Disco feat. Deep Throat Choir
&me remix
4 one by one angelos remix diplo
6 its not right gianna romano
7 Atlanta dj tennis.

Cover photo - video


Solomun delivered a massive melodic remix of Nina Kraviz's "Skyscrapers". You can watch and listen to this below.


Nina Kraviz wrote about the original track: I wrote "Skyscrapers" on one of my long trips to a far away country. It is a love song. It is about missing someone very much even if you don't always get along and agree on things. In moments like that you just want to run away .. as fast as you can .. only to feel like you want to come back 5 minutes later..



Here are some useful information about the artists: 


Solomun also hosted two residencies in Ibiza, Spain, in 2016—Solomun +1 at Pacha and Solomun +1 live at Ushuaia and Destino. He has played at events like Ultra Europe, Exit Festival, Melt! Festival,Tomorrowland, and Movement Croatia in 2016 and 2017, also in Hungexpo in 2018. 


Kraviz was born and raised in Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia. She moved to Moscow to study dentistry where she later gained her residency. Kraviz released her self-titled debut album in February 2012 through the Rekids record label, to mixed-positive reviews. Kraviz started her own record label in 2014, named трип 



Watch Nina Kraviz playing techno and psy trance music at closing DJ set at Exit Festival ( track list)


Watch Solomun's epic five hours closing Dj set at Exit Festival 2021 (tracklist)

You can watch Solomun playing the track at the 3rd slide. 



Many people tried to imitate the Techno Viking. Below you can check out two imitations of the Techno Viking which are actually not bad at all.


Techno Viking is an internet phenomenon or meme based on a video from the 2000 technoparade in Berlin, Germany.



The camera is on a group of dancing people with a blue-haired woman in front. A man stumbles into the scene grabbing the woman. A bare-chested man (known colloquially as the Techno Viking) wearing a Mjölnir pendant enters the scene while turning to that man. 


 He grabs him by the arms and the camera follows, showing the confrontation. The bare-chested man pushes the guy back in the direction he came. He looks at him sternly and then points his finger at him, ensuring he behaves. 


Then the camera follows the bare-chested man as the techno parade continues. Another observer comes from the back of the scene offering an inverted bottle of water to him. As the situation calms down, the bare-chested man starts to dance down Rosenthaler Straße to techno music.



Watch the original Techno Viking video, check out the track name and read The Story behind the phenomenon named Techno Viking!

Watch the Imitations below.












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