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A huge number of individuals keep the Burning Man fire alive in the desert after yearly Black Rock occasion was cancelled.
People named this Burning Man 2021, Renegade Burn, Love Burn, Free Burn, Plan B, Cancelled Burning Man. Of course many parties took place. Diplo took over the The Robot Heart art car playing a magical set during the sunrise. You can watch these scenes below and check out the track names.

A portion of those festivalgoers took to web-based media to archive their encounters, which went from flaunting their dynamic strange outfits to sharing pictures of perplexing motorcade glides and staggering laser light shaft shows. 

Thousands of burners have gathered into the Playa part of the Black Rock Desert. According to Forbes is astimated that 30,000 gathered in the desert. The official Burning Man, which occurred in 2019, moved almost 80,000 Burners to the desert.

Burning Man is an event focused on community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance held annually in the western United States. The event derives its name from its culmination: the symbolic burning of a large wooden effigy, referred to as the Man, that occurs on the penultimate night of Burning Man, which is the Saturday evening before Labor Day. The event has been located since 1991 at Black Rock City in northwestern Nevada, a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert about 100 miles (160 km) north-northeast of Reno. 
Some of the tracks:
 Somebody to love - Jefferson Airplane remix?
 Faze Action ft Nina Miranda - Vamos Pintar
 Ame - No War (Rampa remix)
 Rampa - The Church (original mix)
 Emanuele Esposito & Gianni Romano - It's Not Right (Feat. Helen Tesfazghi)

Watch the scenes below: 

2 Paul Johnson "Get Get Down"
3 Caught in a Wave - Simian Mobile Disco feat. Deep Throat Choir
&me remix
4 one by one angelos remix diplo
6 its not right gianna romano
7 Atlanta dj tennis.

Cover photo - video


Solomun delivered a massive melodic remix of Nina Kraviz's "Skyscrapers". You can watch and listen to this below.


Nina Kraviz wrote about the original track: I wrote "Skyscrapers" on one of my long trips to a far away country. It is a love song. It is about missing someone very much even if you don't always get along and agree on things. In moments like that you just want to run away .. as fast as you can .. only to feel like you want to come back 5 minutes later..



Here are some useful information about the artists: 


Solomun also hosted two residencies in Ibiza, Spain, in 2016—Solomun +1 at Pacha and Solomun +1 live at Ushuaia and Destino. He has played at events like Ultra Europe, Exit Festival, Melt! Festival,Tomorrowland, and Movement Croatia in 2016 and 2017, also in Hungexpo in 2018. 


Kraviz was born and raised in Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia. She moved to Moscow to study dentistry where she later gained her residency. Kraviz released her self-titled debut album in February 2012 through the Rekids record label, to mixed-positive reviews. Kraviz started her own record label in 2014, named трип 



Watch Nina Kraviz playing techno and psy trance music at closing DJ set at Exit Festival ( track list)


Watch Solomun's epic five hours closing Dj set at Exit Festival 2021 (tracklist)

You can watch Solomun playing the track at the 3rd slide. 



Many people tried to imitate the Techno Viking. Below you can check out two imitations of the Techno Viking which are actually not bad at all.


Techno Viking is an internet phenomenon or meme based on a video from the 2000 technoparade in Berlin, Germany.



The camera is on a group of dancing people with a blue-haired woman in front. A man stumbles into the scene grabbing the woman. A bare-chested man (known colloquially as the Techno Viking) wearing a Mjölnir pendant enters the scene while turning to that man. 


 He grabs him by the arms and the camera follows, showing the confrontation. The bare-chested man pushes the guy back in the direction he came. He looks at him sternly and then points his finger at him, ensuring he behaves. 


Then the camera follows the bare-chested man as the techno parade continues. Another observer comes from the back of the scene offering an inverted bottle of water to him. As the situation calms down, the bare-chested man starts to dance down Rosenthaler Straße to techno music.



Watch the original Techno Viking video, check out the track name and read The Story behind the phenomenon named Techno Viking!

Watch the Imitations below.










Nina Kraviz delivered at techno and psy trance music three hours closing DJ set at Exit Festival.


Nina Kraviz started her set with some techno music tunes, some of them unreleased. She continued her DJ set with techno and trance sounds while in the the last minutes Nina dropped some psy trance music, ending with a hard style banger. You can watch the full set and check out the track list below.



Kraviz released her self-titled debut album in February 2012 through the Rekids record label, to mixed-positive reviews. Kraviz started her own record label in 2014, named трип (English: Trip).She mixed the forty-eighth DJ-Kicks mix album, which was released in January 2015.


 "Ghetto Kraviz" would prove to be an enduring club track, and was remixed numerous times throughout the decade. 


She took part in writing the music for the 2020 game Cyberpunk 2077. She also voiced her cameo in the game itself, in Russian and English versions.


 EXIT is an award-winning summer music festival that takes place at the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia, with more than 1000 artists who play at over 40 stages and festival zones.


The festival was founded in 2000 in the University Park as a student movement, fighting for democracy and freedom in Serbia and the Balkans. After the Yugoslavian general election in 2000, EXIT moved to the Petrovaradin Fortress in 2001.


In July 2021, the festival became the first major festival to be held in Europe since the beginning of the pandemic. It hosted c. 40,000 attendees per day and took place an hour away from capital Belgrade



Track list:

[00:00:15] - Bjarki & Kuldaboli - Ú Je Je (Deep Fake Mix) [BBBBBB]
[00:02:00] - ???
[00:05:15] - Cerrot - No Wright Or Wrong (UPCOMING ON TRIP)
[00:08:52] - ???
[00:12:07] - Roma Zuckerman - Frequency Hole 4 [TRIP]
[00:15:48] - ???
[00:19:14] - ???
[00:22:10] - ???
[00:28:55] - UFO 95 - BRCD1 (Edit 3.0) (UNREALESED)
[00:31:33] - Richie Hawtin - Minus/Orange 1 [MINUS]
[00:33:12] - Yello - Oh Yeah! (Remastered 2005)
[00:34:35] - Richie Hawtin - Orange/Minus 1 [MINUS]
[00:36:58] - ???
[00:39:04] - ???
[00:43:00] - ???
[00:47:59] - In3dee - Vetrarsólstöđupsytrance [BBBBBB]
[00:50:18] - Talismann - Jylya [TALISMANN]
[00:53:02] - Polarius - Up North [CRÈME ORGANIZATION]
[00:54:15] - DBX - Losing Control [PEACEFROG]
[00:58:30] - Autechre - Djraum (Bjarki Pandemix) [BJARKI SELF REALESED]
[01:04:45] - ???
[01:09:05] - Vladimir Dubyshkin - Pixel Hunting (UNREALESED)
[01:13:10] - Daniela Carranza - Tech Melancholy (UNREALESED)
[01:17:20] -Alpha Tracks - Double Exposure (UNREALESED)
[01:21:38] - Antigone - LolyTrance (UPCOMING ON TRIP]
[01:28:08] - Alpha Tracks - Mind Over Mayhem (UNREALESED)
[01:34:25] - Woody McBride - Prolongued [DROP BASS NETWORK]
[01:37:12] - The Martian - Star Dancer [RED PLANET]
[01:43:20] - Nina Kraviz & Bara Nova - Pilling in my Head [LAKESHORE RECORDS]
[01:48:55] - ???
[01:51:43] - Nina Kraviz - All His Decisions (UPCOMING ON TRIP)
[01:53:37] - Nina Kraviz - Broader [PLANET-X]
[01:56:15] - Praecox - Minigram [HADSHOT HAHEIZAR]
[02:01:01] - Praecox - Mechanikum [HADSHOT HAHEIZAR]
[02:04:52] - Vladimir Dubyshkin - ??? (UPCOMING ON TRIP]
[02:09:35] - Vladimir Dubyshkin - ??? (UNREALESED)
[02:12:00] - Khia - My Neck, My Back (Lick It) [Dissolver Whiplash Edit] [VANILLA OMP]
[02:18:00] - X-Coast - Synthetic Dreams (Anetha Remix) [DANCETRAX]
[02:20:56] - Bjarki - Teach Me Frisbee [PLANET X]
[02:21:58] - DIE SONNE - The Rip [BOOM! RECORDS]
[02:24:45] - Freak Factory - Radiation (Mr. Gasmask Remix) [OLD SKULL]
[02:28:10] - UFO95 - ??? (UNREALESED)
[02:32:05] - Mr. Gasmask - Urtekram [OLD SKULL]
[02:35:44] - ???
[02:41:18] - Majide - Stamp Your Feet Hard [FUTURE MUSIC]
[02:46:40] - YAM-YUM - Dust Devil Rmx [DROP OUT]
[02:50:57] - Castle Trancelott- Indoctrinate [P & C SLATE RECORDS]
[03:00:04] - Dr. Pravda - Herzschrittmacher [KICKS]

Vladimir Dubyshkin - Elvis Has Left the Building [TRIP]
AADJA - Thought Dealer [TRIP]


Watch the DJ Set below.





RELEASE DATE 2021-08-13

LABEL Clubshine Records


ADEN makes his debut single on Clubshine Records, 'Life Forever'. The ambitious DJ from Greece has already big appearances with DJs like Dennis Ferrer, Black Coffee, Mihalis Safras, Echonomist, Deborah De Luca, Cj Jeff, Technasia & many more.

Αfter being recognized as a DJ he went a step further and started music production. It is our great pleasure that he presents his first release in our record label.

'Life Forever' is a special Tech House track with elements from Techno framed by rhythmic elements. A little acid, a little rave & a lot of groove in combination with male vocals and playful drum kit.

Experience more:


Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano celebrate their massive remix of the techno trance classic "The Age Of Love",


playing an amazing back to back DJ set. They also included some more techno music bangers.You can watch the full set, best moments and the track list below.


Charlotte de Witte (born 21 July 1992) is a Belgian DJ and record producer, best known for her "dark and stripped-back" brand of minimal techno and acid techno music. She has previously performed under the alias Raving George. She is the founder of the label KNTXT. 


On February 5, 2021, she announced her engagement to Italian techno DJ and producer Enrico Sangiuliano via social media


Enrico Sanguliano is a name you will have noted if you have been anywhere in the electronic music scene for the last few years. Starting out as a sound engineer in Italy, he started to produce electronic music in the 90’s.The perfectionist he is, every improving his production skills, “Astral Projection” was a heady eurphoric style of techno to come from the Italian producer.


The Age of Love" is the 1990 self-titled track by Age of Love. It is notable as an early (but far from being the first) popular example of trance music. 


Released as a single in 1990 on the Belgian label Diki Records, it was produced by Bruno Sanchioni and Giuseppe Chierchia from Italy, with vocals by Karen Mulder. 


In 1992, the React label released Jam and Spoon's "Watch Out for Stella" remix, which gained more popularity than the original track and opened up opportunities for remixes by artists such as Paul Van Dyk,] and Garry Creen in 1997. 'Watch Out for Stella' was a reference to Jam and Spoon's own track "Stella" which was released around the same time on their 'Tales from a Danceographic Ocean EP' on the legendary Belgian label R&S Records. Stella is the name of Jam aka Jam El Mar's daughter. 


To this day, the track continues to be remixed and featured on compilations.


More moments, DJ sets and check out the tracks with Charlotte de Witte.



Track list:

01. [00:02:00]  Luca Agnelli - Blow
02. [00:04:01]  Other Form - Further Still
03. [00:08:45]  Mattia Saviolo - ID [unreleased]
04. [00:13:17]  Re:Axis - Beyond Illusion
05. [00:16:54]  Enrico Sangiuliano - A Further Existence
06. [00:22:27]  Charlotte de Witte - Waves [unreleased]
07. [00:27:00]  Tømas Sinn - No Words
08. [00:30:45]  Charlotte de Witte - RPM
09. [00:35:39]  Ackermann ft. Raphael Dincsoy - Jack Dat
10. [00:38:17]  Tin Man - Nanneo (Marco Faraone Floor Mix)
11. [00:41:48]  Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)
12. [00:47:43]  Charlotte de Witte - ID [unreleased]
13. [00:55:16]  ID - ID
14. [00:57:37]  ID - ID
15. [01:02:29]  Y-NØT - Crave (Mython Remix)
16. [01:06:20]  ID - ID




Best moments and Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)





Berghain with its in-house label Ostgut Ton have announced a three day lives stream.


Here is the announcement:  ARTE Concert broadcasts a series of three exclusive streams from the Halle am Berghain July 28, 29, 30


On July 28, 29 and 30 ARTE Concert is teaming up with RBB and ICONS to celebrate Ostgut Ton's birthday with 19 hours of back-to-back DJ sets and collaborative live performances by 38 of the label's core artists and close friends, all of which were filmed in the Halle am Berghain. 
The Berlin-based record label is one of the most influential and world-renowned imprints for house, techno and experimental club music in contemporary electronic music.
In August 2020 Ostgut Ton had to put its plans to celebrate its 15-year anniversary on ice due to the pandemic. Many of the ideas that were originally meant to commemorate this milestone have been consolidated into a new concept for the label's 16th birthday: a series of three special streams as well as Ostgut Ton's upcoming anniversary compilation, Fünfzehn + 1.
Over the course of 3 days, ARTE Concert, RBB, Icons and Ostgut Ton will present a one-time stream experience from three different locations throughout the Halle Am Berghain that brings together a diverse array of club music and experimental sounds in a unique setting. 
Halle am Berghain – July 28, from 7 p.m. CEST:
Phillip Sollmann x Oren Ambarchi x Konrad Sprenger
Luke Slater x KMRU x Speedy J
Barker x Baumecker
Jessica Ekomane x Zoë Mc Pherson
Tobias. x Max Loderbauer
Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale
Dampfloge – July 29, from 7 p.m. CEST:
JASSS x Hyperaktivist
Ben Klock x Etapp Kyle
Fiedel x rRoxymore
Marcel Dettmann x DJ Stingray 313
Nick Höppner x Klon Dump
Boris x Norman Nodge
Schlackekeller – July 30, from 7 p.m. CEST:
Substance x Soundstream
Tama Sumo x Lakuti
Paramida x Massimiliano Pagliara
Roi Perez x Avalon Emerson
Answer Code Request x Gerd Janson
André Galluzzi x Ryan Elliott
Steffi x Virginia
Watch the teaser below:



Solomun performed an epic five hours closing Dj set at Exit Festival 2021. You can watch the full set and check out the tracklist below.

Mladen Solomun (born December 27, 1975), better known under his stage name Solomun, is a Bosnian-German Business Techno DJ. He is a four-time DJ Awards winner for Best Business techno Producer, Best Business Techno DJ and Best Melodic House DJ.



Solomun also hosted two residencies in Ibiza, Spain, in 2016—Solomun +1 at Pacha and Solomun +1 live at Ushuaia and Destino. He has played at events like Ultra Europe, Exit Festival, Melt! Festival, Tomorrowland, and Movement Croatia in 2016 and 2017, also in Hungexpo in 2018.


In 2018, Solomun played himself as an in-residence DJ for the videogame Grand Theft Auto Online, as part of the After Hours DLC. Additionally, Solomun's music video for "Customer is King"  was made entirely within Grand Theft Auto V's in-game engine as part of a larger collaboration between him and Rockstar Games.


Exit  is a summer music festival which is held at the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia. Founded in 2000, it has twice won the Best Major Festival award at the European Festivals Awards, for 2013 and 2017. EXIT has also won the “Best European Festival” award at the UK Festival Awards in 2007. In March 2018 Regional Cooperation Council awarded EXIT Festival as Champion of Regional Cooperation for 2017.



Track list: 


[0:12] Esma - Dzelem, Dzelem
[8:30] Solomun ft. Anne Clark - Take Control [ [BMG]]
[12:59] Adam Ten & Mita Gami - ID
[17:05] ID - ID
[21:24] Mozaik - Movement [ [EKLEKTISCH]]
[26:33] ID - ID
[30:57] ID - ID
[36:59] ID - ID
[41:33] ID - ID
[46:21] ID - ID
[50:53] ID - ID
[55:38] ID - ID
[1:01:32] Willaris K ft. WaveIQ - Chapel (Boys Noize Remix) [ [ASTRALWERKS]]
[1:06:54] ID - ID
[1:13:09] ID - ID
[1:19:24] Melé - Groove La Afrika [ [CLUB BAD]]
[1:23:25] ID - ID
[1:28:02] ID - ID
[1:33:12] ID - ID
[1:36:53] X-Press 2 & Tim Deluxe - Lost The Feelin' [ [SKINT]]
[1:43:08] Matrefakt - Reasons
[1:48:30] Cratebug - Melondrop (Synth Mix) [ [CLASSIC MUSIC]]
[1:55:22] James Howlett - Dada1913
[1:59:49] DJ Deep - Stressed [ [DEEPLY ROOTED]]
[2:04:27] ID - ID
[2:11:39] ID - ID
[2:16:57] ID - ID
[2:22:17] ID - ID
[2:28:10] ID - ID
[2:34:32] Drumattic Twins - Start Of Something
[2:38:43] Eli Brown & MANT - Feel Good [ [SOLA]]
[2:45:31] Volkan Akaalp - Faith [ [DIYNAMIC]]
[2:52:07] Bicep - Drift [ [NINJA]]
[2:57:40] Bush II Bush - Piano Track
[3:05:33] Leftwing : Kody - I Feel It [ [TOOLROOM]]
[3:09:55] Slam - Harem (Gary Beck Remix) [ [BEK]]
[3:15:03] Mion - Theme [ [MUSIC MAN]]
[3:19:58] ID - ID
[3:24:31] Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now!!! (Luciano Gets Loco Remix) [ [DESOLAT]]
[3:32:11] Montel - Future [ [MATERIALISM]]
[3:38:52] Roland Leesker - Believe (Man Power Remix) [ [GET PHYSICAL]]
[3:44:51] Aril Brikha - Groove La Chord [ [FRAGILE]]
[3:49:45] Cirez D - On Off [ [MOUSEVILLE]]
w/ Foremost Poets - Moonraker (Acappella) [ [INTERNATIONAL DEEJAY GIGOLO]]
[3:57:22] ID - ID
[4:03:47] Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance (Yoruba Soul Mix) [ [YORUBA]]
[4:11:04] ID - ID
[4:17:27] ID - ID
[?] Aurora - Queendom (B.Traits Remix) [ [DECCA]]
[?] Dole & Kom - Together Onetime [ [BAR 25]]
[?] Dukwa - My Journey Into Eternity [ [TDSR]]
[?] Boris Werner - Set It Off (Makam Orchestra Drama Remix) [ [SOWESO]]
[?] Jamie 3:26 & Cratebug - Hit N Quit It [ [LUMBERJACKS IN HELL]]
[?] ID - ID 



Watch the DJ set below.







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