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» » » » A video presents a creative tribute to Daft Punk, from materials and traffic lights

A guy presented a creative tribute to Daft Punk, from materials and traffic lights.


So what he did,was to use some sheet metal which had the shape of the Daft Punk helmet which he placed on a traffic light so that the lights were at the point of view. 



Then he pressed the traffic light button and the lights started flashing reminding him of the famous Daft Punk symbol which was none other than the famous helmet. The creator of the video chose the famous Daft Punk One More Time piece for the tribute.The tribute was made from the moment the famous duo announced that they are splitting and in fact dissolving Daft Punk.


Rudy Willingham is an artist who makes creative features using materials and the environment. He has been featured on ESPN, NBC, Buzzfeed, & Reddit front page. Brand work for Epson, Seahawks, & Starbucks.




Τhe incredible dancing duo disbanded after 28 years of forming in Paris. Daft Punk, the Parisian band responsible for the absolute most famous dances and pop tunes anywhere, has disbanded. They announced on Facebook and YouTube with an 8-minute video entitled "Epilog". The video on youtube had over 6,700,000 views in a few hours.


Τhe video finds Daft Punk walking in the desert, one moving away from the other to a point, then turning face to face.Then they come close again looking at each other while listening to the desert air. One robot takes out its uniform, turns its back on the other, at the same time the other programs the countdown. The robot starts moving away until it reaches a point where it stops moving.


 There the countdown reaches the end and the robot explodes. Αfter the explosion a logo appears that reads '1993-2021'. So then music is heard on the video and the landscape changes to a sunset in the desert. The remaining robot continues to walk alone in the desert while the sun sets or rises.The video is extremely allegorical and documentary showing the dissolution of the duet as well as the lonely path they chose to take from now.


Watch the videos below. 





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