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» » » » Watch Nina Kraviz's two hours Dj set from the iconic Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos


Watch Nina Kraviz playing two hours techno and trance music Dj set from Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos at Greece. Most of the tracks are new but we made at track list with some of them. You can check out the track list, video ans some information below.

Nina Kraviz  is a Russian DJ, music producer and singer. She was accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle in 2005, however couldn't attend as she couldn't obtain a visa,attending the following year in Melbourne instead.By 2008 she was playing a regular night at the Propaganda Club in Moscow.

Nina Kraviz is playing with a view of the archipelago

Kraviz released her self-titled debut album in February 2012 through the Rekids record label, to mixed-positive reviews. Kraviz started her own record label in 2014, named Trip.

She mixed the forty-eighth DJ-Kicks mix album, which was released in January 2015.

The Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos

Cavo Paradiso is regarded by the music industry community, its artists and clubbers worldwide as one of the most impressive music & entertainment venues on the planet. It is regularly voted in the top club annual lists by international publications.

The stunning architectural design was developed through various stages over the last three decades and it was done with total respect of its location ( on the top of the hill of Mykonos famous Paradise Beach), so you get the feeling of being within nature and you appreciate the wild beauty this beautiful Mediteranean island and the Aegean archipelago has to offer. 

Cavo Paradiso has acquired legendary status over the years not only for the Island of Mykonos but also in the wider international clubbing community for some of the most memorable parties on the Island of Mykonos and it is a must-see attraction to anyone that is passing by this famous rock in the heart of Greece's historic archipelago.

 Track list:

00:00:01 - Julia Govor-Shelter 909 (unreleased)
00:02:10 - NLX7 - Multiverse (unreleased)
 00:05:20 - Snazzy -i thought the tree was speaking to me
00:07:20 - Splinter-First test 606 (unreleased)  
00:11:20 - RJF-JINXIU R_2118 V3 (unreleased)  
00:14:10 - Rayme-Time Warp 
00:16:40 - Ryogo Yamamori - Superpsh 
00:18:30 - Kirch-??? 
00:20:25 - Nattura VS -who
00:23:00 - ??? -future inverso
00:25:17 - Boo & SPRK - dynamic (unreleased)
00:26:54 - De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - Watskeburt (Dissolver's Liquid Styrofoam edit)
00:32:20 - Dissolver - Apuré Tumixa 
00:36:27 - Antigone - ?
00:38:01 - Antigone-Lollytrance -) 
00:44:30 - Vladimir Dubyshkin-just what the doctor ordered   
00:48:06 - The Return Of The Drunken Son - Vladymir Dubyshkin -(trip) 
00:51:50 - PTU - Ot Stoyanok Drevnego Cheloveka Do Raketnogo Poligona (unreleased) 
00:55:00 - secret weapon (sorry guys)  
00:57:00 - Psibindi-Binary star  
00:59:34 - (Age of love remix)- who is this from?
01:03:40 - AADJA-Zen rabbit (unreleased) 
01:07:17 - Madonna-What It Feels Like For a Girl (Above and Beyond mix)  
01:09:46 - Buttechno-Tranq -Gost Zvuk 
01:11:40 - I'm not always with my Body Is - Aisha Devi (Houndstooth)  
01:15:20 - Werfol -your wife (unreleased) 
01:19:50 - Woody McBride-Rattlesnake - (Magnetich North)  
01:21:05 - Irreversible changes-TTT--BBBytchk-2-LD (unreleased) 
01:23:12 - Cerrot-orgasmixx lyra_v1 (unreleased) 
01:27:17 - Shlomo-NEWLIFE053V2 (unreleased) 
01:31:00 - Rnbws - Tanok (unreleased)  
01:32.45 - Mattia Trani - Quasistar (unreleased) 
01:35. 00 - M.o.d.u.l Machine-La gent 01.37.00 - AADJA-Zappa 
01:39:03 - Portavion - Effortless Trail (unreleased) 01-42.00- Double trouble-Dynasty of Freaks 01:44:15 - Cerrot-Fase 0.5_-6dB(unreleased) 
01:47:08 - Nacho V02-трип to май love (please get in touch with me!)
Watch the videos below.

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