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» » » » Their signature sound, neo-classic combined with deep techno and house grooves_ “Music is a spiritual quest for enlightenment” - The *Rising Duo* BAAL_ Track? !D, Artist PResentation + Interview_

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“Music is a spiritual quest for enlightenment” - BAAL

After long years in different musical projects and journeys the long term friends Matthias Draexler and Matthias Schuell decided to concentrate on this credo and formed the duo “BAAL” in 2014. The name was chosen because the hebrew word “baal” has a huge variety of meanings like “owner, master, lord, god, demon and false god”. The word stands for the difficulties that someone faces when he approaches this quest, the difficulty to find out what is right and what is wrong for oneself.

Latest mix from Baal for the 6 year anniversary of “Ritter Butzke Club” Berlin

Out of this idea the Munich based duo Baal became one of the most promising new acts out of Germany right now. The fresh taste of deep house and techno on their first EP “Metamorph” with club bangers like “Jericho” and “Genesis” on Musica Autonomica got them on the map and earned them big support by DJs like SOLOMUN, DJ Hell and TALE OF US.

Their signature sound, neo-classic combined with deep techno and house grooves, and their new live show got them the “Munich Act Of The Year” award of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung in 2014 and an invitation to play at the “Pinakothek der Moderne”, one of the most important international museums for contemporary art and design.

Despite the deepness that the music of BAAL provides it is also clearly made for the dance floor in clubs and on festivals. Due to this balance they have  already gladly been invited to play at clubs and festivals like Watergate, Katerblau in Berlin, Harry Klein, Yakuza Malta, Autonomica in Tiflis, Georgia, Aarhus and Copenhagen, Oslo, Utopia Island Festival and The Organic Dance Music Festival in Munich - just to name a few. They have also played with big artists such as Sven Väth and Dubfire on the Mainstage at Urban Art Forms Festival, Fur Coat, Mind Against, DJ Hell, Alex Niggemann, Christian Prommer and many more.

The latest Baal remix, for UnderYourSkin Records “Lineares Rectas” got featured on trndmusik.de and brought a huge audience to BAAL.

and their music and their remix “Polar Vanquish” for UK based STEM Records and released in July was anticipated highly by their fans since SOLOMUN played it as his opening track at “Solomun+1” in Ibiza last year.

After “Metamorph” Baal came back with a new six track EP in June this year: “NOAH”.

It also describes a spiritual change just as their former EP on MUSICA AUTONOMICA “METAMPORH” did. “NOAH” describes the journey of the Arch builder of the Bible but sets it to a musical analogy to the human soul. Every track describes a different part of the story in the Bible:

As “NEPHILIM” is the name of old and cruel sons of gods in this story that commit hybris to god it the worst way, this track stands for the unforgiving ego of mankind and the sins that were committed by it in a murderous frenzy. “GOLIATH” is the example for one of the furious Nephilim which is wonderfully drawn by a remix from the Berlin based artist “Krink”. The Track “PLUVIA”, which’s name is Latin for “rain”, comes to wipe away the evil that was done and to delete the hybris that is committed by the ego. After the huge cleansing the “HELIOS”, the god of the sun, appears, remixed by the well-known artist “Ruede Hagelstein” and brings “LUMEN” (light) to what is left after the big flood. Finally the light brings forth the natural gift of understanding and compassion in all of us, the “INGENIUM”.

Lumen was voted to the number one unreleased track in February at NSV Worldwide and got a huge feature on Deep House Amsterdam, where an exclusive preview showed that BAAL does it right with the spiritual part of their music.

The Noah Ep was getting early suppot by: Tale Of Us, Hunter/Game, Fur Coat, Dixon, Danny Daze, Tiefschwarz, Alex Niggemann, Animal Trainer, Marco Resmann, Acid Pauli, Few Nolder, Job Jobse, Speaking Minds, Kiki, Reboot.

Right now they are in the studio working on new tracks for end of 2015. Until then they released a a remix for the well known Hans Zimmer as a free download on soundcloud:


1) How did you initially become introduced to Underground music?

We actually played in different genres first like Indie-Rock or Jazz Bands. Schuell had an classical influence at first, too. But first contacts to electronic music were already made in early ages by both. So Schuell was already producing Techno and House when he was 14 years old with inferior equipment but a lot of passion. In 2009 the initial contact was a live concert by Chemical Brothers that gave the input of doing mainly electronic music. But of course the other genres are not thrown away, you can still hear a lot of it in BAAL's music.

2) Your Plans For 2015 and 2016?

We want to make new music of course. Right now we are working on new stuff for end of 2015. Next year finally an album is planned that shall include some live-recordings of instruments and maybe even orchestra. Let's see what we can do.

3) How would you describe your sounds [way to connect with crowd]

We try to find the balance between a high quality standard of art in our music but it should always also be able to move to. The rhythm is a huge part I our music as is the melody and the quality of the sound. For us one cannot go without the other. So when we play we always picture ourselves as part of the crowd and create them and therefore us a enjoyable dance event to remember.

4) When you're  not busy with music, then_ (Main Hobbies_ Interests)

We love the same things as others I guess. Watching movies (netflix!), listening to music of course, outdoor activities. We are quite normal guys I think. Sometimes we promote parties and events on our own but that is the most special thing about our not music activity which is also connected to music again as you may see.

5) Top 5 records (of the moment)?

Innellea – Saladin which will come up soon on Musica Autonomica. 
Chiati – Continuum which will come up on Blindfold Records
Fur Coat – Monday - still.
Guy Mantzur and Roy RosenfelD – Epika
Jonas Saalbach - Driven By Madness (feat. Mz Sunday Luv) coming up on Einmusika Recordings.

 6) Five records that you never take out of your bag_

 As time changes so changes the bag ;). 

 7) Favorite or Inspiring  artist/artists?

Still and again huge fans of Stephan Bodzin. But as inspiring artists we stick more to “out of the scene” artists like Hans Zimmer, Muse, Ligeti, Arvo Pärt and many more.


Munich Act of the Year 2014 / Sueddeutsche Zeitung
 “Lumen” number 1 upcoming release / NVS Worldwide.

Track? !D. Blogspot_ Would like to thank BAAL for PRoviding us all useful info beyond that feature.
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